October 16 Queen Marie Antionette is guillotoined

On October 16 1793, Queen Marie-Antoinette-Josèphe-Jeanne d’Autriche-Lorraine (Austria-Lorraine) was guillotined in Paris France. Looking at the chart, which we picked for 9 am, her chart has a fixed grand cross culminating at her death ascendant of 20 Scorpio 55. The Grand Square is composed of Pluto 22 Aquarius 45 in the 3rd house to Saturn in the 6th — suggesting that this is the end … Continue reading October 16 Queen Marie Antionette is guillotoined

October 13 1792 The Laying of the White House Cornerstone

We were impressed that the cornerstone for the White House was laid on the anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. It’s that thoughtfulness for tradition that has built this country into Washington’s shining empire and “city on the hill.” The aspects for the Ceremony The ceremony get a very noticeable bucket with a Saturn handle. Newly discovered Uranus is on the 8th House cusp … Continue reading October 13 1792 The Laying of the White House Cornerstone

Asaph Hall and the Discovery of Deimos

Deimos (dread) and Phobos (fear i.e. phobia) in Greek mythology, were he twin sons of Ares (Aries in English; Latin Mars) who accompany their father into war. Ares along with Eris (goddess of chaos) & Enyo (goddess of war and destruction) were the only children born of the union between Zeus and his wife Hera; Zeus obviously did better elsewhere. Deimos and Dr. Hall “I … Continue reading Asaph Hall and the Discovery of Deimos

Sikhing Harmeet Dhillon

Dhillion has gotten a lot of recent press because of defense of whistleblowers vs Big Tech which she terms as the most prevalent threat to our liberties. Recently this came to the fore with Google denying Claremont College, Claremont, California, the use of their platform. Google later reversed itself and said it was a mistake. Tucker Carlson interviewed her on the issue asking “How many … Continue reading Sikhing Harmeet Dhillon

#11 Gilbert Adrian, Hollywood costumier

This Pinterest board that has many of his designs for various Hollywood movies. He was born on March 3 1903 at 11:05 am in Naugatack, Connecticut as Adrian Greenburg to an ex-New Yorker father and a native Connecticut mother. Both sides of the family were Jewish. He was apprenticed to Irving Berlin after his graduation from the New York School of Fine Arts (now Parsons … Continue reading #11 Gilbert Adrian, Hollywood costumier

#802 American Folk Hero Will Rogers

Biograph: William Penn Adair Rogers was born November 4th, 1879 on a ranch between Claremore and Oologah, Oklahoma. We have rectified his chart to 16 Sagittarius, [SS] Sea gulls watching a ship, a symbol demonstrating the spirit’s demand for its full share in the privileges and rewards of all of human society. This gives him the birth time 9:25 AM. Both his parents had a small … Continue reading #802 American Folk Hero Will Rogers

Prosperina’s warning for Greta Thunberg

This is a general sunrise chart for Greta the spokes girl from Sweden on climate change. Her rising is 08 Aquarius 34 wth an appropriate midheaven of Sagittarius for her travels. Neptune that rules the 12th is found there, showing how the Viking spirit of travelling via boat to bring about the conquest of her message appeals to her. She has a strong stellium in … Continue reading Prosperina’s warning for Greta Thunberg

John Davidson, a 30 Bob man

The poet Recently I have been reading A History of Modern Poetry by David Perkins, Harvard University Press, and rediscovered many a familiar poet that I haven’t read in ages. John Davidson was one though I probably could not have told you more than he was “poet with Eliot connections” but that was about all. Luckily Prof. Perkins filled in the details and gave a … Continue reading John Davidson, a 30 Bob man