#476 Miriam Hopkins, actress

Wikipedia who speaks with authority, says she was born in Savannah and raised in Bainbridge. Jones has her born in Bainbridge. I doubt the distance matters. She has no real preponderance in her chart and it is rather scattered about, perfect for a Splash. Mercury and the Sun in the twelfth in Libra give her … Continue reading #476 Miriam Hopkins, actress


#29 Alfred Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Prince Alfred was  24 when died.  His sister, Marie of Roumania #646 on the Jones 1000, wrote that his health broke down while the Times of London said that Prince Alfred's death was due to a tumor, but it seems clear that as The Complete Peerage states, he shot himself and was a suicide. He … Continue reading #29 Alfred Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

This week in Columbus Ohio 10/15-21 2018

We are still technically in a bucket with a Uranian handle but the bucket is splitting as shown by the pink triad at Sagittarius, so things are not uniform but rather helter skelter and tossed about.  Uranus is opposite Mercury and Venus that are partile in the seventh house suggesting this is a good time … Continue reading This week in Columbus Ohio 10/15-21 2018

Nikki Haley wants to Splash

Nikki Haley wants to be a Splash temperament but she's missing something, just about anything in Cancer.  Looking at her Asteroids, we find that Admete at 5.18 Cancer works well so we take it.  Admete is the Asteroid not the TransNeptunian planet Admetos,  and they are related only by being part of the 12 Labours … Continue reading Nikki Haley wants to Splash

#180 Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case was born on October 3, 1884 in Fairport, New York a small town outside of Rochester.  His mother was a teacher, and his father ead librarian of the town library. He learned to read earlier than most because of his mother, and exhibited exceptional musical talent. He began training in piano and … Continue reading #180 Paul Foster Case

This week in Carson City, Nevada 10/10-14/2018

Carson City, the capitol of Nevada, is about 30 miles south of Reno.  It is a picturesque town filled with slot machines like every town and gas station in the state.  This week we have a bucket with an Uranian Handle so look for things to break, change and suddenly pop up that are either … Continue reading This week in Carson City, Nevada 10/10-14/2018

#498 Isabella II of Spain, Neptune’s Queen

Bourbon Spanish queen Isabella II succeeded to the throne after her father died on September 29, 1833 because his wife demanded it.  In his will, the King listened and  rescinded Salic Law or the tradition in most royalty of Europe prohibiting females and any descendants in the female line from inheriting land, titles, and offices. Isabella … Continue reading #498 Isabella II of Spain, Neptune’s Queen

Myra Kingsley on Astrology

This blurb comes from a newspaper in 1978 that excerpted Kingsley's quote on astrology.  It says, that astrology is a "learned superstition, which up to moderns times has exercised over Europe and Asia, a wider dominion than any religion has ever achieved."  I found that to be an odd quote from a woman who made … Continue reading Myra Kingsley on Astrology

#529 Dr. Franziska Lash – Rosicrucian Astrologer

Marc Jones says she is a German born astrologer, but after a lot of searches we found Dr. Lash as a contemporary of Danish-born Max Heindel and his Rosicrucian group.   She continued his work in Medical Astrology after he died in 1919, that we surmise, was from the Spanish flu epidemic,  most who were middle … Continue reading #529 Dr. Franziska Lash – Rosicrucian Astrologer