The birth of Vatican City

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in his book, How to Learn Astrology, mentions the nativity of  Vatican City 1 as a footnote to the Pope who founded it; nothing more.   According to the Vatican website,  the Vatican City State was founded following the signing of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy on February 11th 1929. These … Continue reading The birth of Vatican City


Not so Sunny von Bulow

Biograph: Martha (Sunny) von Bülow, was an American heiress who first married Austrian playboy prince and then to a Danish-born man-about-society who was twice tried on charges of attempting to murder her, died on December 6th, 2008 on a Saturday at a nursing home in Manhattan. Mrs. von Bülow, who was 76, had been in … Continue reading Not so Sunny von Bulow

Ralph Nader, Hellenistically

Biograph: Today is Ralph Nader's birthday ( 02/27/1934 @ 4:52 AM, Winsted, CT ). He is a lawyer and consumer advocate who was a four-time candidate for the U.S. presidency (1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008).    He is the son of Lebanese immigrants and graduated from Princeton University in 1955 with a Bachelor of Art and … Continue reading Ralph Nader, Hellenistically

Teriyaki Style: Murderess Sada Abe

Sada Abe was  a prostitute working as a maid in a Tokyo hotel in the Hirohito area, pre-War WWII Japan, 1936.  She strangled her lover, Kichizo Ichida, who was also her employer, during mad passion after he told her that he no longer wanted her sexual advances.  She then cut off his penis with a … Continue reading Teriyaki Style: Murderess Sada Abe

Is Pres Trump really have a Virgo Ascendant ?

I realize that it may appear to be a very long stretch of the imagination to conceive of Donald Trump as a Virgo Ascendant fellow:  he so clearly fits the image of a Leo type, and, on top of this, his birth data is rated AA. ( ASC: 29 LEO 55, MC: 24 TAU 18 … Continue reading Is Pres Trump really have a Virgo Ascendant ?

Margaret: Pearl of the Green Mountain State

Margaret is a friend of ours who offered up her horoscope for discussion.  Bravo Margaret, we need more volunteers to fill up our database! Margaret's chart is here,  without our notations.                       Her Ascendant at 24.02 Scorpio is "An X-Ray" suggesting her integrity and her … Continue reading Margaret: Pearl of the Green Mountain State

Learning about Ceres from Ceres

BIOGRAPH Ceres is an asteroid.  In Greek she is Demeter, the goddess of farmers who lost her daughter Persephone to the dark lord, Hades.  In astronomy, Ceres is the smallest & closest of all the dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt that lies between Mars (the Greek war god Ares) and Jupiter (the Greek main … Continue reading Learning about Ceres from Ceres