Is Pres Trump really have a Virgo Ascendant ?

I realize that it may appear to be a very long stretch of the imagination to conceive of Donald Trump as a Virgo Ascendant fellow:  he so clearly fits the image of a Leo type, and, on top of this, his birth data is rated AA. ( ASC: 29 LEO 55, MC: 24 TAU 18 ) .  But consider a few points that is indicative of a Virgo Ascendant.


The popular birth time for DJT.


First, let’s assume that the delivery nurse had an eye on the hospital clock as she slapped baby President Trump & recorded it at precisely 10:54 AM EDT.  However,  the hospital clock only had a sweep second hand and not digital accuracy the ‘actual’ birth time could have been 10:54:30 AM EDT.  If so, then rounding up, the President’s ascendant would have shifted into Virgo.

                                             An unsealed letter

If so, Trump’s new ascendant is  Leo 30 is ‘an unsealed letter,’ with the keyword confidence.   Marc Jones writes that it gives a “certain integrity to all things that the individual undertakes as wellas to the individual himself.    He does warn that “suspicion is a poison to the mind when ever it becomes instead a temperamental tendency.”   

I admit that I am biased against Mr. Trump,  and did not vote for him.  Also I steadfastly believe that he is a bad choice for President.  – Eugene Johnson, author of this piece.

The  degree opposite Leo is Aquarius 30 that gives the  mysterious “field of Ardath in bloom.”  The phrase is from Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self by Marie Corelli who was at the turn of the 19th century the most read author in the land, eclipsing  Mark Twain.  The story is about Theos Alwyn, poet and lost man, who travels to an isolated monastery searching for someone  who can take away his soul as he thinks it is blemished. At the monastery he meets   Heliobas, a seer who gave up drawing room seances for the  the worship of God. One night after talking to Heliobas he dreams of an angel named Edris¹ who tells him to search for Ardath and once he does he will understand.  The obvious parallels to the Wizard of Oz notwithstanding, it is a very gothic melodrama.

                                    Is it  Aquarius 30 and the Field of Ardath

Aquarius 30 has the keywood of  continuity, that can be indicative an exceptional drive to serve others, but may also be witless reaction to reality.  Frankly, I do not see it, so I prefer 01 Virgo

The proposed “rectified” chart for DJT in the Equal House System


                       Or a Man’s Head?

Now, the Sabian Symbol for 1 Virgo is ‘a man’s head’, with the keyword: character, suggestive of “an effective self-assurance and  clear vision of each opportunity in life,.”  I could agree with that.  Furthermore when negative, it is an “inordinate vanity  consistent with a frank overestimation of his own abilities.”   Voila, we have it!

wheat.jpg  I don’t think that there is much disagreement that Mr. Trump is a rather vain man and image conscious.  That works well with Virgo surprisingly, they tend to be egoistic and proud of their accomplishments, boasting of their business acumen and practical insights and while they are hardworking often rising earlier than others (Trump has said he sleeps little) they have a poor understanding of other people’s character (the Jeff Sessions appointment says it all).  And for the icing on the cake, Virgos are intolerant of criticism.

I agree so much of this sounds like a Leo, but remember that mythologically Virgo is really Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and in particular wheat, hence the name Cereal.  Typically she is depicted holding cereal stalks in her hand though in the iconic  (see the Chicago Board of Trade statue she is neither golden nor cereal laden.  Finally if using the Hellenistic method, the first decan of Virgo is totally ruled by Mercury.

Ceres at the Chicago BoT on LaSalle Street

                                    The Art of the Deal

The Symbol for the opposition degree, or the where to side of the equation is 1 Pisces.  He we see the  ‘ public market,’  with the  keyword of “commerce.”  Works for me and works too for the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal.” We know he likes golf and making deals and getting his name on buildings, what else is he interested in?  Nothing that I have read, so very much like a Virgoan who tends to be rather insular…

Another point in favour of Virgo I is President Trump is a  self-admitted germophobe and  does not like to shake hands with people.  The yod in this chart makes an apex at his midheaven in the ninth house of higher education (he has an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s business school, Wharton) and travel.  The head of his yod is the third house of communications but according to Joan Kellogg’s yod book, ” has a difficulty with practical matters and his communication maybe so hard to follow that it would be considered abstruse and unintelligible for the average man on the street.”

                                             Election Day

On November 8, Election Day, Mr. Trump’s secondary progressed Sun was located at 0 Virgo 15 or Virgo 1!  If  we use the  Equal House system, the Virgo ASC will then make Mercury the ruler of both the First and the Tenth Houses, and makes a   somewhat stronger argument.  So let’s hear it for President Trump as a Virgoan!

BTW, one of my colleagues argues that the President really is a Leo over here.


  1. Edris is a a girls’ name from Old English origin. It means “rich and powerful” and is the feminine form of  Edric. Also form of Idris.

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