Sada Abe was  a prostitute working as a maid in a Tokyo hotel in the Hirohito area, pre-War WWII Japan, 1936.  She strangled her lover, Kichizo Ichida, who was also her employer, during mad passion after he told her that he no longer wanted her sexual advances.  She then cut off his penis with a carving knife &  carried his souvenir for several days, until she was arrested and put on trial.

Asked why his ding a ling, Miss Abe said ““Because I couldn’t take his head or body with me. I wanted to take the part of him that brought back to me the most vivid memories.”

Incredibly she became a folk hero.

In 2015,  William Johnston wrote about this macabre episode in the book called,“Geisha, Harlot, Strangler, Star.”  Previously the only coverage was within Japan until a movie called “in the Realm of the Senses” was made in 1979.  There is a trailer is on Youtube to give an atmospheric feeling for the milieu.

The movie is now part of the Criterion Collection and cinema writer Donald Ritchie writes about it here.  It has an X-rating.  You can buy the DVD at the site too.

                                      Miss Abe’s Map

Ms. Abe has a fantastic chart, from a purely astrological point of view.  She has two Grand Trine Kites, a Yod, a Wedge and a T-Square.  The main map shows the Yod going to Mars in his Lord’s house of Scorpio, incredibly in the twelfth from the sextile of the Sun and Venus — a lovely lady.  That Mars in the twelfth gave her a healthy sexual appetite which worked out well for a geisha girl.  We read that she and her victim had notoriously long sexual rendezvouses — they were insatiable.

                         Up up and Away with my beautiful balloon!

Grand Trine Kites are supposedly a rare astrological configuration, which is why Miss Abe having two is striking,.  As they are both in Mutable signs, this makes her more interested in people and personal relationships.  Two contemporary singers also have this particular configuration in the same quadrature: Whitney Houston and Madonna.  Both are known for their rather intense fixations:  Madonna with her first husband Sean Penn and Whitney with her husband Bobby Brown.

Abe’s first Kite is a mutable variation made of Mars, Uranus, and Saturn ending with Neptune in the eighth house of legacies and sentimentality.  For her parting is such sweet sorrow that she would need a “reminder,” unable with Saturn in Pisces, third house, to let the past go.

Her second Grand Trine Kite is almost the same composition except for Mercury entering the picture, and it too is mutable.  One thinks of Glenn Close & Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction with this setup.

                                                  The Quadratures

Miss Abe’s has two t-Squares.

The first is  Mars is found amongst the Fixed Signs of  Scorpio (its Lord)  opposite Mercury in Taurus (its Lord) finding expression in Saturn in Pisces 02.41 where it gives her “sudden insight into a problem”; this from E.C. Chambers.  Perhaps that does explain many non-linear moves in her biography, as the Fixed emphasis makes her very concerned with her own potential.

Her biography of leaving home at 14, becoming a geisha, attaching herself to her pimp, killing him not to let her go, mutilation all support that design of what is possible in the present circumstance over anything in either the past or future and for many women in Japan of that era, her story resonated: poor farming girl going to the big city to make her fortune as a geisha hence her very favorable publicity over such an atrocious event.

Her second t-square is found in the Mutable Quadrature:  the Sun is in Gemini (Mercury ruled) opposite her ascendant at the sword wielding Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled) with its final expression at the Moon in Aries but right on the border of Pisces,  in the fourth house of home, hotels, and brothels.

These oppositions, one in Mutables and the other in Fixed signs become in effect her basic mode of self-expression.

All four planetary pairs

Her is Line of Personality, is sextile.    Her Line of Vitality is square.  Her Line of Efficiency is in opposition as is her Line of Culture.  As we have noted before, we have noticed that people who have all four sets of planetary pairs tend to be narcissistic and self-involved, which does fit the profile of “passion murderers” who are more concerned about themselves than they are the victim.

                                                    and Now for some Symbols

Miss Abe’s ascendant is at 00 Sagittarius.  Miss Wheeler gives this the image  of the “Grand Army of the Republic (the Union’s Army in the War between the States) at the campfire.”  Dr. Marc Edmund Jones who expands and writes the commentary says that this symbol about the cultivation and preservation of ties to others.

Her Mars is at 11.07 in Scorpio, that is one of the “hurtful signs”  suggesting as a bucket handle that it receives emotional and physical hurt or pain and then amplifies it throughout her being.  It has the ideogram of the “Cinderella’s or the embassy ball” rather poignant here as it suggests a feeling of safety and the need to display that openly.

              In the end

Ms. Abe went to jail for six years and got out in 1942 as War began to truly unfold in Japan; there is no specific date of when in ’42 she was released, but we imagine it was early in the year.

She died in 1966.  I haven’t read that she ever married.

Download Sada-Abe‘s chart here.

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