The week of March 7, 2017 : Vesta goes Direct

At 4:32 EST, Vesta, an asteroid the second largest asteroid after Ceres, see our previous post,  goes direct.(The shot above is from the Dawn Mission in 2011.)  Minor stuff usually but it comes on the heels of Venus, to whom the vestal virgins, and of which the asteroid is named, going retrograde.  vesta

Vesta is in the lower of the two red circles on the chart — the yod’s arms.   It looks like a like bonsai evergreen right near the purple Moon in Cancer, that is found in its ruling house, here in the sixth house of labour and employment.

Typically we do not mention  asteroid changes, but Vesta has two rather important aspects that make this one notable.  First she is in aspect to a Luminary — the Moon, that is very exalted right now.  Second she is part of a Yod with the foot (Karen Hamaker-Zondag calls this the apex) at Mercury on the second house cusp of resources and third house cusp of communications.  (Merc at 17,.22 conjunct two asteroids of Pallas at 22.33 Pisces and Chiron at 24.33 Pisces).  The other arm is at Jupiter at 21 + Scorpio.  The head as we view Yods is the Midpoint (see the long black line going to the North Node?  that’s the activating point of the Yod which is 03.20 Scorpio.

The activating point is key here because it tells us how this Yod is coming into play, and with all these various asteroids and major planets aspecting one another, there is literally a lot going on. So let’s take this one slowly…

wiretappingVesta in Cancer in the sixth house is largely about jobs and job security.  Next to the Moon it is hitting into fears of people not doing their job.  FBI Head James Comey just took umbrage at President Trump for suggesting that the FBI did not do due diligence for allowing Trump Tower to be bugged right before the election, he and his organization are being called Slackers once more (last time it was Madame Secretary suggesting he was undercutting her presidential run).

But Vesta and the Moon are opposite Pluto in very staid and conformist Capricorn, plummeling it for change and since Vesta and the Moon are in the sixth house, work, and Pluto in the twelfth house, well it does not take a Philadelphia lawyer to know that how spies, leaks and secret agents work or do not work, are part of the problem.

Pluto has the symbol of 18.55 Capricorn of a “coal pit that is in standstill,” and that cannot make anyone happy but it does, because the T-Square it forms is at Jupiter 21.58 in the eighth house, the home of the Fourth Estate, journalism, who is overjoyed that they have a new found revelance by tarnishing the President and stopping Congress from confirming any of his Cabinet or his Supreme Court nominee.  No worry, the Fourth says, the President is crazed from his bouts of syphilis, and will probably be either impeached or die in office. (Jupiter is opposite Chiron here, a minor opposition so it does not form a full Grand Cross, but it is trying)."People are scum."

On the Home Front,  Venus 12.58 Aries in the second house of resources is trying to pare down and gets the symbol of an “unsuccessful bomb explosion;” things seem unsettled and everyone will be “impetuously (the keyword here)” looking for cover or blame.   Venus is  trine to the newly woken up  Vesta, so the planet will be reminding the little asteroid, of its duty,  but Mars found in its Ruler Aries, wants action, now!  It will be a time of demands as everyone wakes up with cabin fever & wants out.   Pluto 18.55 Capricorn  over in the twelfth house of large institutions, secrets and hidden enemies, is making everything more melodramatic than it needs to be and its siren song  You have the Right to Party is loud and blaring.  And isn’t there Yod we haven’t finished discussing?

Ah, but Ceres and Venus won’t have much of that and while some rush off for the tail end of Spring Break, others will searching for nirvana  as the Ascendant for Ceres is 04.55 Aquarius, A Hindu Healer, keyword Therapy,  and a deep desire for human perfection fill the spirit and longs for a Heaven on Earth as the lovely songs of Easter fill our heads with all sorts of possibilities. The see-saw temperament type is still in effect as we topsy-turvy along.ON-CA550_covgra_16U_20170303211253.jpg

Muckraking Pluto thumbs it nose at that, and  still in the twelfth house with rumors, Fake New &  misinformation bounding away he turns those visions into nightmares of broken promises and dreams unfulfilled,  particularly  over labour issues, because that’s where Ceres resides.

More of what we saw over the weekend on the Keystone Pipeline ( No American Steel!  Broken Campaign promise), or  the future of the American Worker (forget the Mexicans and cheap Chinese imports, its all going to drones)  will grab the headlines as people search for truth.  (Good luck there.)  Oh yeah, that Yod has a Midpoint at 03.20 Scorpio that keeps reminding us of things not done, avenues not explored and work unfinished.


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Looks like the Aries Ram is feeling its oats — Springtime  must be near.


Who were they?

Vesta, in Roman religion was goddess of the hearth, She was another one of the Roman gods that came over from the Greeks, whom called her Hestia. The lack of an easy source of fire in the early Roman community placed a special premium on the ever-burning hearth fire, that was both publicly and privately maintained; thus, from the earliest times Vesta, the hearth keeper, was assured of a prominent place in both family and state worship. Her image was sometimes encountered in the household shrine.

Vesta is seated.  Her virgins surround her in this sculpture.

Vestal Virgins were chosen by the pontifex maximus (“chief priest”). They had to be between the ages of 6 and 10, be freeborn of freeborn and respectable parents (though later the daughters of freedmen & slave mothers were eligible), have both parents alive, and be free from physical and mental defects & served for 30 years, during which time they had to remain virgins.Afterward they could marry, but few did.

They lived in the House of the Vestal Virgins on the Roman Forum, near the Temple of Vesta. Their duties included tending the perpetual fire in the Temple of Vesta, keeping their vow of chastity, fetching water from a sacred spring (Vesta would have no water from the city water-supply system), preparing ritual food, caring for objects in the temple’s inner sanctuary, and officiating at the Vestalia (June 7–15), the period of public worship of Vesta.


An idealization of the Temple of Vesta

Failure to attend to their duties was punished by a beating but violation of the vow of chastity meant that they were buried alive (the blood of a Vestal Virgin could not be spilled). Still it was prestigious as the Vestal Virgins also enjoyed many honours and privileges not open to married or single women of equivalent social status, including emancipation from their fathers’ rule and the ability to handle their own property.


————-Encyclopedia Britannica, c. 1911


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