We know little about Signora Morano other than she lived in the Piedmont Region of Italy, was one of eight children, separated from her husband eighty years ago, and ate eggs and chicken solely;  no grains, no vegetables.  She felt that was the reason for her long life:  she ate sparingly.

She was born November 29, 1899 in Verbania where she died.  We do not have a birth time so rectified it for around sunrise, 7 am on a late autumn day.

emma morano.png

Signora Morano’s Chart:

Straight off the multitude of planets, if you add in the asteriods it’s jammed packed, in the first house and the three planets directly opposite.  The Signora is definitely a see-saw temperament, who with Scorpio 28 rising, makes her mind up with total resolve and never looks back.  Her ascendant symbol is “The king of the fairies approaching his domain,” suggesting that the eternal promise of self realization is independent of time or place.  It suggests a special competence of inward vision and ability to realize it effectively.more emma.jpg

The stellium in the first house conjunct that ascendant changes the very mutability of Sagittarius to a fast acting sprite.  She made up her mind and then with great willpower, followed it through.  The two planets in Gemini, Pluto -16- in the seventh and Neptune -27-  in the eighth are  too far apart to be in aspect, but Neptune is exact to her Arabian Part of Divorce.  The Signora also has the Part of Bereavement at 26.17 Aries in her fifth house of children that is square her Part of Divorce, confirming that her without her boy her marriage was meaningless, no matter the societal pressure.

The Signora also has another interesting Arabian Part, that of  Fame  that is exact her Uranus  at 09  Sagittarius in the first house.  That works well for it was the celebration of her 117th birthday, definitely an unusual life event,  where she told everyone of her life and abstemious diet.

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Transits for the Signora’s Reposeemma's demise.png The Nodes are of course activated at the time of her demise, but that could have happened a multitude of times during her life, and so are meaningless.

What is Notable is that her Arabian Part of Imprisonment at 12.47 Pisces is exact to transiting Neptune.  This is an extremely odd aspect for while  a year on Earth is approximately 365.25 days, a year on Neptune is 60,190 days or 164.79 years, so this is definitely a once in a lifetime occurrence.

This transit is important beause “but had not left her small two-room apartment for 20 years,” and of course her great age and immobility could all be considered physical prisons.  That her sudden repose should have happened  on  Paschal Eve, tells us for the devout Emma, it was also a prison of the soul.

Our condolences to her friends, family, and of course fans.