Andrew Jackson Kills Charles Dickinson in Duel

On May 30, 1806, Andrew Jackson and Charles Henry Dickinson met in a duel in Nashville, Tennessee.  Charles Henry was an excellent duelist with 26 kills under his belt. The animosity between the two men seems to have started in 1805 over a bet at a horse race. Jackson and Dickinson were rival horse breeders … Continue reading Andrew Jackson Kills Charles Dickinson in Duel


John F. Kennedy Turns 100 Today.

It is hard to imagine John Kennedy as an old man, a man at his 100th birthday, because he was such a vigorous, engaging man, when we knew him and as we see him and his family in the old photographs.   What I want to do in this post  is to look at some … Continue reading John F. Kennedy Turns 100 Today.

Light Pollution in the American Skies

From Astronomy Magazine June 2016. As plainly seen on this illustration, the U.S. East coast has the most light pollution in the country from Boston to Miami and west to Chicago to Dallas.  That is a wide swath of earth.  West of the Mississippi, there are clear skies until one hits the coast.    The … Continue reading Light Pollution in the American Skies

Venus as Innana at the Second Gate

At sunrise this morning, May 22,  we were treated to a conjunction of the Moon with Venus.  The conjunction did not occur exactly at sunrise, however, that was later at 10:09 AM EDT, at 16 Aries 24. The two appeared very close together because Venus is only 2 degrees of declination the right of the … Continue reading Venus as Innana at the Second Gate

Astronomy: Mars between a Rock and Jupiter

From Science News, April 17, 2017, an article speculates that Mars is smaller than it should be because Jupiter’s gravity meddled with the rock formation of Mars and pulled it away creating it’s 67 moons. The largest of Jupiter’s moon are Europa, Ganymede, Io and Calisto and are called satellites because they were discovered by … Continue reading Astronomy: Mars between a Rock and Jupiter

#1 Abdul Bahá, visionary of Baha’ism

Bahá’ís have some of the most beautiful gardens on their grounds outside of an arboretum, part of their belief of creating a heaven on earth. The featured shot is of their grounds in Haifa, Israel.   The Baha's faith Their faith includes many notable messengers like Moses & Abraham of Genesis, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, … Continue reading #1 Abdul Bahá, visionary of Baha’ism

Child Murderess: Myra Hindley

Well, what do you know, Gaugquelin did have Brady's accomplice.  From the website, which explains the costume she wore. Brady convinced Hindley that there was no God, and she stopped going to church. She absorbed his philosophies, adopted his interests, and altered her appearance to suit him, bleaching her hair and wearing Germanic clothes. … Continue reading Child Murderess: Myra Hindley