Summer Solstice, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017

                               Cancer Ingress chart

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer at 12:24 AM at Washington D.C.  Neptune is ascending, only three degrees before the Ascendant 11 Pisces 04, and Saturn is the most elevated planet in the Tenth house in conjunction with the MC, 19 Sagittarius 28.

The seasonal movements of the Sun and the monthly motion of the Moon are two  significant celestial cycles charted by astrologers. The ingress of the Sun into a cardinal sign marks the beginning of each of the four seasons since Ptolemy, though countries in the Southern Hemisphere has changed have changed it to the first of the month and thus their seasons do not start in cardinal signs. There is no consensus as to which  seasonal ingress takes precedence, that is, which is the ‘base ingress chart’ for the year.  The Aries and the Capricorn Ingresses are probably the two with the most votes for this recognition.  It should be noted that some astrologers, including Charles E. O. Carter, the successor the London School of Astrology after Alan Leo’s untimely demise, Andre Barbault and Johannes Kepler did not advocate reliance on the ingress charts for prediction.

solstice 2017

With this in mind let’s look at the ingress charts with the understanding that we should not expect to make specific predictions solely from the ingress chart, that what it reveals is probably more of a general nature.

I want to also include a bi-wheel chart of the Aries Ingress & Cancer Ingress because we have the extraordinary coincidence that the Ascendant’s and Midheaven’s are within a degree in both charts!   This must be telling us something that we should pay great attention to!

Summer Solstice 2017 - Aries Ingress

The Ingress charts are keyed to the motions of the Sun its position, so we see that the Sun has moved from the Second House (National Resources) to the FourthHouse ( the land and ‘the people’).  Aspectally,  the Sun is now in opposition to Saturn in the 10th, where it was in the Aries Ingress Chart.  Mercury has also moved into opposition with Saturn, setting up a T Square configuration with Chiron as the focal planet highlighting the 10th, 1st and 4th Houses.

The 1st and 4th Houses are both representative of ‘the people’.  The 4th generally represents ‘the people’ as a traditional culture, as the foundational base of society, in a community, or the ‘common people’, real estate, and also nationalistic and ideological  attitudes and beliefs.   The 1st House is said to represent the nation as a whole, its self image and national characteristics.  The 10th House represents the government generally and the Chief Executive more specifically.

The Aries Ingress featured the Sun square to Saturn (suggesting a test of authority and the rule of law).   As we begin the Summer Season the Sun moves into an opposition with Saturn, activating the 10th and 4th Houses, and focalizing in the 1st House.

I think this configuration says a great deal about what is happening in national politics currently and perhaps presages a continuation of much of the same through the Summer.

The Sun in the 4th House is indicative of an increase of the ‘power of the people’which is opposing the autocratic power of the Chief Executive, DJT.  This suggests that the investigation into the ‘Russia thing’ will intensify and possible reach an impasse of some sort; complete logger-heads between the DJT and ‘most of the rest of us’.  The emphasis of the 4th also may bring out more strongly the ‘nationalistic’ fervor of DJT supporters.  A resurrection of the myth of ‘blood and soil’.  America First!

Neptune at the Ascendant is still with us for the Summer!  What does that mean?  Well, since it is almost exactly at the same place it was in March, it will probably continue ‘doing what it has been doing’.

Shall we hear more accusations of “fake news”?  ‘Alternative facts’ may also be resorted to more frequently, when individuals are cornered by Reality.  What about Neptune’s association with ‘obligation’?  How has this concept been in the forefront of attention since March?   One thing that comes my mind is the idea that the nation seems to be experiencing cycle of ‘bad karma’.

Bad Karma that has accumulated over the past several decades, through several Administrations, that have failed to attend to the basic needs of the people.  The elites have prospered but the rest of us have just been holding on at best.  This is an example of the economic aspect of Neptune, as it was discovered around the time when Marx was writing.

We could also take a look at Chiron that is transiting  through Pisces and has historically correlated with a rising attention to civil rights issues.  Oppressed people, and those who feel oppressed will be more  vocal in their demands.

The ‘bad karma’ theme frequently appears.  The last time Chiron was in Pisces was during the 1960s.  The nation was torn by the violence of the war in Vietnam and the civil rights movement.  The Piscean themes of deception, sacrifice, disillusionment, drug addiction and unseen enemies were  prominent then and now.


Idealism has died in  American psyche since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Isn’t Neptune and Chiron in Pisces calling us to find at least a seed or two of idealism in our weary bones?  Could this be a Summer of Love?  Maybe a cool breeze of it will suddenly, quietly and unexpectedly sweep across the land.

The Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant degree 12 Pisces is: an examination of initiates.  The theme is initiation, hence the time has come for testing, scrutiny of character, the weighting in the balance, the separation of the sheep from the goats.

Are we called to awaken our better selves?  Can we hear the call?  Will we be able to meet the challenge?  The nation may experience a great crisis that will test everyone.  The great August solar eclipse grows in significance in light of this ingress.




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