DJT’s Birthday and the Year Ahead

Astrologers like to review a person’s horoscope around the time of their birthday to see what can be seen about the year ahead.  As you may know POTUS (DJT) had his 71st on June 14.  The Solar Return is typically one of the primary reference charts that the astrologer will study.  Below is DJT’s Solar Return for 2017.   You may notice that the date for the return for this chart is June 13.  “What is this, his BD is June 14”!  Please don’t be alarmed.  The Solar Return is calculated for the exact time that the Sun returns to the position it had at the time of birth of the individual in question.  So, the Sun transited 22 Gemini 56, at 2:39:40 PM EDT (DJT’s Sun degree) on June 13.  Hence, DJT’s actual ‘Sun birthday’ was on the 13th this year, not the 14th.

DJT SR 2017

The first thing we notice in this chart is Jupiter exactly on the Ascendant in Libra, in addition it forms a grand trine with Sun,Mercury and the Moon.  This is an extraordinarily positive configuration for him suggesting – expansion, more expansion, and then even more expansion. ( I notice his waistline has been expanding too, he may need to watch that!) It may seem that time and circumstance this year is working overtime in his favor – a  man that can do no wrong – a man the gods have especially smiled upon.

The planetary pattern ( Temperament Type) of the Solar return is easily classified as a Bucket –  Jupiter is the ‘handle’ planet located alone in the Eastern Hemisphere with all the other planets ( except Saturn, by a little bit) in the Western Hemisphere.  Jupiter’s status and significance is thus further elevated by this positioning.  As noted in the previous paragraph, Jupiter is positioned exactly on the Ascendant of the wheel.  This is indicative of extraordinary emphasis on ‘the self’.   The interpretation of Jupiter can be cut two ways – materialistically or spiritually.  In order to know which way it is going the astrologer has to know something about the life of the individual.  For the person whose life has demonstrated a level of public service and spirituality, a prominent Jupiter could be indicative of an expansion in those things, whereas, a prominent Jupiter in the chart of a materialist is indicative simply more of the same.   DJT life so far has been completely of the materialist kind.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra Ascendant is in the 7th House of the Solar return, indicating that ‘relationships with others’ will also be a major focus of his interest and activities this year.  Venus is in Taurus, a sign that it rules, so all things Venus should go well for him too.  His charm offensive should be in over-drive, the ladies will love him, his relationships should go smoothly and his appreciation of the ‘good things of life’ could not be higher. His appetite for opulence and self aggrandizement should only increase.

The SR Sun is in the 9th, hence all things intellectual, such as, science, philosophy, religion, could be areas of particular interest this year for him, subjects of interest for which he has never in the past exhibited the slightest interest, so, this could be a major change of activity for him.  The 9th relates to travel so he will probably be making quite of few trips on Air Force One – here we come to Mara Lago!

What DJT must be alert to this year

Mars could be a problem for him this year.  It is in Cancer, which is its ‘fall’, and it is also ‘out-of bounds’, that is unusually high declination. ( 24 degrees).  Out-of-bounds planets tend to go ‘rouge’, get out of control.  An out of control Mars is not good for anyone, even DJT.  If he is not careful he will cause many problems for himself and others because of reckless, impulsive actions.  Mars is also separating from a progressed square to Mercury (impulsive, disjointed, intemperate communications).  The SR North Node is also in conjunction with his natal Mars.

Then there is the Saturn transit.  It completes the circuit of a chart about every 28 years.  This cycle and the intermediary points in the cycle are invariably important in an individual’s life pattern.  DJT at this time and through the Summer is experiencing one of these important Saturn transits, in his case it is Saturn moving in opposition to his Sun and conjunction with the Moon.  Hence, it is challenging the core of his vitality, will, and life involvement.

And then there is the August 21, Total Solar Eclipse.  This event and the Saturn transit were extensively discussed in a previous Sabian Earth article: War! DJT and the August 21 Eclipse.  The eclipse, at 28 Leo, is  unfortunately almost exactly on his Ascendant and Mars, thus, again, it is Mars all over the place – where will all the pieces land!

DJT SR 2017 BiWheel  DJT’s Solar Return and Natal Bi-Wheel

The Solar Return planets that are closely  aspecting natal planets should be especially noted.  I have mentioned the SR Saturn aspecting the Sun,Moon. Other important aspect connections are the SR Jupiter,Ascendant conjunct natal Jupiter – thus, adding fuel to fire of expansion and self-inflation. These activate the 2nd House suggesting that this year will be an exceptionally good one for DJT’s financial status.  His wide range of investments and operations will be greatly enhanced by the influence of his position as POTUS.  He has asserted that he can legally run his businesses from the White House, and this is correct because there are no laws on the book that would prevent him doing this.    The gravy train should be loaded this year!

Then, there is SR Mars in conjunction with natal Mercury, which will give additional ‘stimulation communications’, and motor mouth tendencies.

DJT and the Fate of the Nation

The fate of DJT, for better or worse, is inextricably intertwined with that of us folks, citizens of these United States of America.  His prospects all in all for the year are actually pretty good.  He does have a ‘mid-life crisis’ of sorts with the Saturn transit of his Sun,Moon opposition.  Saturn is the archetype of trials, tribulations, blockages and delays.  He has been and will continue to encounter these kinds of things in greater volume and intensity.  This is, however,  a rather unfamiliar experience for DJT whose previous life was one of doing exactly as he pleased with no one he had to account himself to.  He still has not come to grips with the concept that POTUS is our servant, that he serves the people. He did not receive coronation as King of the USA at his inauguration.

DJT fans.....His hyper-active Mars will be colliding with the Immovable Object, Saturn this year.  Which one will give? And  Solar Eclipses tend to throw a monkey wrench into everything.  They are very unpredictable.   The only thing we might say with confidence is that DJT will know something has significant has occurred.  This is because the eclipse falls directly on his Ascendant and Mars.