Many great men have attributed their success to the positive influence of their mothers, we previously did an astrological review on Mrs. Trump.  What Abraham Lincoln said about his mother is much quoted “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” – (and not just any mother but ‘angel’ mother).  What does DJT feel about the role of his mother in his life?  This I what I want to investigate in this essay.

In his 1997 book, “The Art of the Comeback” is “Part of the problem I’ve had with women has been in having to compare them with my incredible mother, Mrs. Trump.  My mother is smart as hell”.  In another statement from him about his mother he wrote in another  book,  “The Art of the Deal”:

“Looking back, I realize now that I got some of my sense of showmanship from my mother”  He described his mother as “being enthralled by the pomp and circumstance of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation on television…she always had a flair for the dramatic and grand.  She was a very traditional housewife, but she also had a sense of the world beyond her.”

During the campaign for president Mr. Trump, I have not found one instance of her name being mentioned,  nor since he assumed office.  So I am assuming that the role of his mother and her place in his consciousness is not significant, but that that does not mean however that his mother’s personality and nature was not a strong influence in shaping his life and character.

The photo of Mrs. T seen above is quite striking in resemblance to her son’s dynamic hairdo, facial features and expression.     There is very little detailed biographical information on her life other than the standard basic details of place of birth and chronology but that will probably change.    I will not delineate Mrs. T’s natal chart in any detail but will focus on the salient points in her chart that seem relate to DJT’s natal chart.

Mary Anne Trump’s chart:

Mary Anne Trump

Immediately in Mrs. T’s map, the last quarter Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Taurus spring out, joined ‘at the hip’ by Saturn, in the First House, with Taurus rising.     Some key words suggested by this match up are: resourceful, hardworking, shrewd, tenacious, stubborn, holds fast to ideas and ideals, independent, pragmatic, and so on.   Could we safely say that this lady could be, when pressed,  was a tough lady?

Mrs. T’s ascendant is 7 Taurus 40, ( the 8th degree of Taurus) with Sabian Symbol: A sleigh without snow and keyword sustainment – ” a symbol of the magic that a person may always summon to his assistance in facing the problems of everyday living.  For this person, snow is only necessary for their sleigh only under the most unimaginative circumstances since nature is ever prodigal in her means for supporting reality.”

Mrs. Trump was probably the kind of person who when life gave her a bag of lemons would squeeze them and make a good lemonade out of them. Venus is a very strong planet in her chart.  It rules and subsequently deposits, eight of the other planets in her chart :

  1. The rulership chain begins with  Venus in Taurus, which rules the Sun and Saturn, which is also in Taurus.
  2. Saturn, which follows in the chain rules (deposits),  in turn, the Moon in Aquarius,
  3. The moon deposits, the Cancer planets, Mars and Neptune, ending the Venus chain.
  4. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, which it rules, and since there are no other planets in Sagittarius or Pisces, it is a a very short chain of one.

Hence, Venus and Jupiter ‘stand out’ and lead in the rulerships chain, Venus because it starts the linkages and Jupiter for ending it, and so the two planets gain prominence in the overall personality portrait.

So we can add strong touches of Venus charm, love of beauty, luxury and Jupiter’s sociability, expansiveness, enthusiasm to the picture.

There is not a definite Temperament Type that we can assign to Mrs.T’s chart.  There are no oppositions so there is not a core axis upon which to allocate the planets.  There is a wide, across the line opposition of Uranus to Neptune, which, if it were operative, could create the needed rim opposition which would then move Jupiter outside of the pattern forming an effective Handle for a Bucket Temperament pattern.

So, let’s give the chart a tentative Bucket Typing, with the zesty Jupiter out there promoting the message, project, idea, whatever it happens to be.  Jupiter also gains a point of strength because it is in Sagittarius, and it is ‘unexpected’ by major aspect.  Jupiter, in this case, does not ‘play be the rules’, so to speak.  How did this manifest in her life?  No word on that.  I would expect, however, that she could never be faulted for lacking confidence in whatever she was attempting to do; probably the reverse was too frequently the case – she could be overconfident &  optimistic.   The exact trine of her Moon with Pluto, a power and momentum connection.  The closest square in her chart is Uranus applying to Venus. ( a desire for unconventional love?)

I noticed that Mrs. Trump chart had several quintile and bi-quintile aspects, so I ran a 5th harmonic chart, and there it was indeed a very strong 5H pattern that is associated with creativity, artistry, style, self-expression, etc.  What was the outlet for Venus and Uranus?

Now to the synastry of President Trump ahd his Mother

Mary Trump DJT Bi Wheel

First we want to identify the  planets that have close cross-connections.  DJT’s natal Mars and Ascendant are opposing his mother’s moon, and his Part of Fortune is conjunct her moon. This opposition forms a T Square with her natal sun, Saturn – DJT’s MC is exactly on her Saturn.  We should also put into this mix the interesting connections his moon makes with mom’s Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Mars, Neptune which forms  a yod pattern, with his moon as the focus.   His  sun, north moon node sit at the mid-point of the Sextile of mom’s sun, Saturn and Mars, Neptune, in addition, his Saturn, Venus conjunction is conjunct her Mars, Neptune.   (These configurations are marked in the wheel)

There is another T Square in the bi-wheel triggered by  President Trump’s Jupiter which is in opposition to his mother’s Mercury, which is square to her Mars, Neptune, the point focus of the configuration. And there is a grand trine formed by DJT’s moon and Mars that are trine mom’s Mercury. ( These are  not marked in the wheel)

There is much we could look at here but these seem to me to be the most interesting connections in the charts and should be sufficient fodder for our study.  If you see other things please share those with us. A primary configuration of DJT’s chart is his sun, moon opposition, which was a lunar eclipse.  This is activated by Mrs. T’s Jupiter in Sagittarius.  As was noted her Jupiter is very prominent and its connection with his sun, moon could suggest that he is in some way perhaps giving expression, giving embodiment to her Jupiter aspirations and motivations.

President Trump was ‘sent away’ to the New York Military Academy at age 13 because he was hard to discipline and disruptive to the peace and harmony of the household.

Astrologically it is evident that mother and son might have some issues – his Mars opposes mom’s moon and square to her sun, Saturn, and his Saturn conjunct her Mars, Neptune.  These are intimations of some possibly serious butting of heads between them.

The yod ( Finger of God ) pattern is also worthy of investigation I think.  In “The Yod Book”, Karen Hamaker-Zongdag writes;” The lack of perspective on a yod is the result of the constant confusion that arises among the planets involved, causing wishes, longings, motivations, and actions in those areas to remain ambiguous and uncertain for a long time”.  Perhaps mother and son didn’t  feel they completely understood the other, as well as they, should; perhaps there were times when they felt like ships passing in the night.  DJT’s Venus, Saturn conjunction also triggered her Mercury square to Mars, Neptune – an aspect that is indicative of heated and confusing communications.

Looking at some of the house connections – DJT’s Uranus, North Node and sun is in mom’s 2nd House with Mrs. T’s Pluto, and her Jupiter and his moon in her 8th House, suggests they had a great chemistry/synastry for creating wealth.   DJT’s MC in her 1st House conjunct her sun, Saturn suggests that he gains authority and prominence through her.  This is also shown by his Part of Fortune conjunct her moon in the 10th.

DJT’s Venus, Saturn conjunction has seemed to me to be the indication of a “man looking for love”.  Certainly, it suggests a tendency to be touchy, difficult and demanding in relationships, particularly in matters of love.  It is a truism that in order to give love, one must first be loved.  What did President Trump get from his parents, did he get the love he needed?  From all indications that I have read, his father,  was not a naturally warm, loving dude.  His mother has a chart that could be construed as indicative of an equally tough individual.  From what I have seen in this brief study President Trump’s and mother’s   charts, particularly looking at the aspects of  Mars and Saturn, the indicators of abundant love are not obvious.






My adventure in astrology began several decades ago while browsing in a bookstore ( a favorite pastime) where I picked up a book by the astrologer Ronald Davidson, and I was hooked. Encounters with the work of several others astrologers followed in time, among them Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones. I was a member of the Sabian Assembly for many years and studied Marc's Sabian Astrology system. Most recently I completed Chris Brennen's Hellenistic Astrology course. It was very enlightening to discover the roots, the beginnings, of horoscopic astrology in the Hellenistic course. I feel that it enabled me to fully "round out" my understanding and practice of astrology. I would describe my approach to astrology as "eclectic", I get excited when I discover some teaching or technique that seems to work and sheds light on an area of astrology that previously has not been well understood or totally obscure. Psychological astrology is and has been an area that I have spent significant time doing, , however these days I find that the mundane/political.economic areas have attracted more of my time and attention. I enjoy writing for this blog and welcome any comments from you our readers, you are the reason for doing this.

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