Humanity on fire: America thru the lens of Neptune

The city council  had narrowly voted to remove General Lee’s statue on the grounds that he was a traitor to the USA, though President Lincoln had said shortly before his assassination he did not want such rancor to occur.    But Lincoln could have never known the rallying points that Confederate statues and flags would becomes for various racists groups after his April 185 assassination.

The Charlottesville debacle was a case in point, several white nationalist groups petitioned the city for a  protest  march against that the statue’s removal for August 12, Saturday. At 8 pm EDT, when the rally was over , Richard Spencer a leader extreme right nationalist group, scheduled to be a speaker  at their convention held on the same grounds at Emancipation Park.

J. A. Fields, Jr.  c. NY Times

Things got to a frenzied environments and counter protestors showed up the next day.  They did not have a permit, but by the  afternoon , James Alex  Fields Jr. drove his Dodge Challenger through a crowd of counter-protesters killing Heather Heyer that lead  to Fields’ also getting charged with a Federal Hate Crime.  Also killed during the protests were two Virginia State troopers.


 I will be tracing the history of slavery/racism in America using several horoscopes of  key events, such as: The Compromise of 1850; the attack on Fort Sumter; the Civil Rights Act of 1964; the Sibly Declaration of Independence, the Missouri Compromise and Nat Turner’s Rebellion.


I hope using astrology that the events in Charlottesville on August were part of the larger picture that began hundreds of years ago, perhaps as far back  as march 1620 when the Dutch brought 20 Africans ashore at Jamestown, Virginia.  ( I will not cite this chart because I do not have the exact day, but I will advance something that is possible.)

Charlottesville Riot Chart ( timed for Heather Myers murder)

The key chart features of the chart below is that one is it a Splash Mundane Chart showing that strong bias.  Indeed this was one secular group against another, pitted as always against each other.  It has a Cardinal Cosmic Cross showing that in this scenario action, and violent action with Jupiter opposite Uranus and then Venus in Scorpio (Heather herself)  pitted against the Martial Pluto in the Second — his resource being the metallic automobile.


The astrological picture of the events in Charlottesville, is deadly and vicious.  Neither side will give way and with the other opposition sextile works like a barricade of  Neptune-Mercury where each group believes that they are right.  Both are wrong though when blood is shed, but it seems on this topic that has been the historical norm.

                                      The Missouri Compromise, a missed opportunity

Missouri Compromise Map

The Missouri Territory petitioned Congress in 1818 for admission to the Union as a state. The next year an amendment to Missouri’s admission was proposed to ban slavery in the new state. This ignited a political convulsion. The Southern States were adamant that Missouri be a slave state while the free states wanted to ban slavery there. A Congressional crisis ensued over which way the balance of political power would move.

The issue of slavery unresolved by the founders had come back to haunt the republic. The day was saved by the “great pacificator”, Henry Clay when he successfully negotiated a compromise on March 3, 1820, that would admit Maine as a free state and let Missouri enter as a slave state.

This compromise preserved the balance of power as before, but was not real solution to the problem; it just postponed the inevitable showdown for another generation. If an astrologer had been present ( and had known about Neptune which had not yet been discovered) he or she would have advised government leaders that the “times were changing.”

Sean Wilentz in his book  The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln

“The issues debated and the charges leveled, from 1819 to 1821 were, however, far more than passing interest. Once resurgent southern slavery had been attacked and defended as directly as it had been during the Missouri crisis, it would prove impossible to restore completely any fiction of sectional amicability, either in Washington or around the nation…Clay’s brokered bargain brought national political peace, but the Missouri crisis hardened northern and southern positions on slavery…”

wilentz book.png
from Willentz’s book

                                           A Slave Rebellion on August 21 1821

Nat Turner rebellion

Nat Turner was a slave in rural Southampton County Virginia. He was a sometime Baptist minister and apparently a mystic as he was inspired to instigate the insurrection by his mystical visions. The insurrection in military terms was of no importance as it was over in about 48 hours and there were not more than 60 slaves involved in the enterprise.

On August 21, 1821, at about 2:00 AM Turner and six other slaves entered the home of his master and killed the entire family, then they went from house to house killing whites, fifty-five were killed. Turner and his group mounted on horseback then road toward the town of Jerusalem but were intercepted by a band of white militia who confronted the killers and scattered them. Turner escaped and was on the run until the end of October when he was captured.

Nat Turner Rebellion a

The insurrection spread panic throughout the South as many feared that more violence would break out. White mobs attacked and lynched many blacks. Southern newspapers printed stories accusing Northerners of being behind the disturbance. Tensions in Southern and Northern relations increased. The insurrection did help to puncture the Southern myth that their slaves were really quite content with their lot, or perhaps just to servile to initiate an armed revolt.

The Compromise of 1850

The 31st Congress convened on December 3, 1849 and on January 29, 1850 Henry Clay, Senator from Kentucky, gave a speech calling for a compromise on the many divisive issues facing the Union. A fear was emerging that if the Congress passed strong legislation curbing the extension of slavery, the Southern states might withdraw from the Union.

31st congress.png

The Compromise of 1850 was proposed by Clay as a series of five measures designed to please everyone, at least a little, and resolve the crisis. California was to be admitted as a free state; Texas received financial compensation for giving up its claims for lands west of the Rio Grande,  the slave trade was abolished in Washington D.C.; in return the Southerners got the Fugitive Slave Law.


The Fugitive Slave Act, passed as one part of the 1850 Compromise, was the only component of the Compromise package that continued to inflame sectional tension after 1850. The Act, as passed, was a revised and strengthened version of one enacted in 1793; it gave slaveholders almost free rein to chase down and capture slaves anywhere in the country, and further, required citizens to join in the pursuit of slaves. Harboring run-away slaves,was a  felony.

uncle tom's cabin.png

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is Published

Uncle Toms Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin, first published as a series of forty installments, the fist issue appearing June 5, 1851, was high on the list of contributing factors leading to the civil war. It appeared in book form March 20, 1852 almost 230 years after the first Africans had arrived in Jamestown.   It was  translated into all the major languages and was second only to the Bible in number of copies printed.

Repeal of the Missouri Compromise
Democrat Sen. Stephen A. Douglas, pro of Illinois sponsored the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 allowing for the the territorial organization of Kansas and Nebraska under the principle of popular sovereignty; this had been been applied to New Mexico and Utah in the Compromise of 1850, so he based his bill on that precedence. This action became a fire keg of controversy because Douglas proposed creating two territories  — Kansas and Nebraska–and repealing the Missouri Compromise line.

The question of whether the territories would be slave or free would be left to the settlers under Douglas’s principle of popular sovereignty..The Republican Party rose to the challenge and became for the first time a viable political organization opposed to the expansion of slavery into the territories.   The Act also repealed the provision of the Missouri compromise that prohibited in the Louisiana Purchase territories north of latitude 36 degrees 30 minutes the same that the Great Eclipse crossed so that the territories, both north of that point, could make their own decision.

neptune 1861.png

                                     The Civil War

The Confederates Fire on Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter attack 3

The next great historical point happened on April 9, 1861 when President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate Sates of America, instructed General Beauregard to send demands to Major Anderson, commander of federal forces at Fort Sumter,  to surrender forthwith. Major Anderson rejected the ultimatum.

On April 12, 1861 at 4:30 AM, General Beauregard ordered his artillery to open fires on the fort. Federal artillery returned fire and the battle raged on until the Union forces ran out of ammunition on the afternoon of April 13 .  It was the start teenager Neptune in Martial Aries.


                                       Civil rights law is enacted a hundred years later

President John F. Kennedy in his civil rights speech of June 11, 1963,  asked for legislation “giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments”, as well as “greater protection for the right to vote”.

This legislation reasserted the Civil Rights act of 1875 that had forbid discrimination in hotels, trains, and other public spaces but has been deemed unconstitutional in an 1883 supreme court ruling :

“The XIVth Amendment is prohibitory upon the States and the legislation authorized  by Congress for enforcing it is not direct legislation on the matters respecting which the States are prohibited from making or enforcing certain laws, or doing certain acts, but it is corrective legislation, such as may be necessary or proper for counteracting and redressing the effect of such laws or acts.

“The XIIIth Amendment relates to slavery and involuntary servitude (which it abolishes); … yet such legislative power extends only to the subject of slavery and its incidents; and the denial of equal accommodations in inns, public conveyances and places of public amusement (which is forbidden by the sections in question), imposes no badge of slavery or involuntary servitude upon the party, but at most, infringes rights which are protected from State aggression by the XIVth Amendment.”

Signing Civil Rights Law
Civil Rights Act 2

On July 2, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed at the White House the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

When Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it was during the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto opposing Saturn with Mars as the focal planet in a T Cross pattern. and Neptune is the focal determinator in the chart because it is a singleton in the southern hemisphere.

                                    The Neptunian Obligation

Marc Edmund Jones  writes in his Professional Astrology XXII,:

In the Sabian system the outermost planets, Uranus and Neptune. are not ever considered as ruling signs (for logical reasons)…but when it is a focal determinator, a singleton in a hemisphere, it has two purposes.  The first of which is to address the soul and the second to sustain the physical existence of the man.

Neptune then becomes the Jungian archetype of the oppressed, enslaved, and dispossessed.

Neptune is in Pisces now.  It entered Pisces in February, 2015 and will not exit the sign until March of 2025,  As a ‘generational planet’, it aligned with the Hegelian notion of “zeitgeist” of the times.  When Neptune is in  Pisces, the Past meets the Future, often violently and as Pisces is a sign of culmination, one could say that “all the chickens come home to roost in Pisces”.

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are essentially 6 pairs of polarities.  Hence, Pisces and Virgo are a polarity.  This means that what is conscious, objective, in one sign is experiences the characteristic of the opposite sign unconsciously, that is as its shadow.

Neptune hypothetical in 1776 is square Mars in Gemini

A key feature of the USA Declaration of Independence Chart

There are, and have been many different versions of the USA chart.  For many years it was the Gemini ascendant chart  that was widely used , in recent years the so-called Sibly Chart with a 12 Sagittarius 20 Ascendant has risen in popularity.

I have done considerable research on a July 2, 1776, @ 11:11 AM chart that  features a 1 Libra ascendant.  This chart was inspired by John Adams diaries/

It is essentially immaterial what time of day one uses for the Declaration of Independence chart, the placements of the planets do not change much.  I have always been interested in Neptune in the USA chart, perhaps because Neptune in my chart is in an exact conjunction to it at 22 Virgo 25.  Further Mars makes a 2 degree square to Neptune in the USA chart.  This is the closest square in the chart, and according to the Sabian Scheme this  a primary key to interpreting the chart.   Jones writes in “The Counseling Manual in Astrology:  “indicates the single greatest challenge to the native in everyday affairs”.  Additionally Jones says the astrologer should note which of the two planets  must move forward to complete the aspect, it is the initiation/stimulating actor, while the other is carries out and expresses the action.

So, what does the close Mars, applying to Neptune mean for America, according to the astrology?  In order to think about this question we need to get a firm understanding of what the two planets symbolize/represent.  Mars’s nature is unambiguous, after all aren’t men from Mars, and women from Venus?  Neptune is the very slippery one, it could be characterized as the archetype of ambiguity.

Neptune afflictions lead to military disasters

America since WWII has been engaged in almost continuous military misadventures around the globe.  Beginning with the so-called ‘police action’ in Korean declared by President Truman.  This was a war that probably should not have happened if some skillful diplomatic negotiations had of taken place after the WWII.  So, there was a war on the Korean Peninsula, thousands of men died, but with no results, except a stalemate –  no resolution, only a tenuous truce that stopped the conflict. But, now a nuclear armed North Korea threatens to blow us and others off the map.  Other wars in other times have been just as futile –  the Vietnam War, Afghanistan, Iraq and many smaller military actions among them.

Martin Luther King Jr. during last days on earth before he was assassinated began to speak out against the Vietnam War.  He wisely and correctly spoke about the connection between racism/poverty and war.  It is the poor and people of color who file most of the uniforms and fight in the foreign wars.

 Neptune in the 10th House is a representation the Executive Branch’s exploitation of race and economic to further its objectives.  The Sabian Symbol for Neptune at the 23rd degree of Virgo is: an animal trainer.  The image of a person using a whip to control an animal, the lion or tiger comes to mind, so there’s nothing vague, obscure or hard to understand in it.

In an individual’s horoscope the accentuation of this symbol would been indicative of a need for strong self-discipline to tame vital energies. To get into a cage with a lion or tiger takes a lot of courage, and to survive there one must be very alert to the slightest signals, moves from the animal, and be able to read these and possess the necessary self control to adroitly use the chair, or whip or baton to effectively put the animal through the movements one wants.

This symbol when applied in the chart of a nation will of course manifest in a somewhat different way than it does in an individual horoscope. How does Neptune in Virgo in the 10th House on the degree symbolized by the animal trainer reveal itself?  How do our President’s typically act? (The 10th House is the place of the Chief Executive, the President)  I think that the image of an animal trainer is a rather apt one.  I imagine it could be like getting into a cage filled with all sorts of people who each want something from you.  You have noticed that how fast past Presidents have aged while in office.

Neptune, manifesting in a negative way in the USA chart has already been touched on as leading us into unnecessary wars.  I believe that it also tends to over-glamorize the office which leads people to the see the president as some sort of superman, that can right all wrongs, and even “make America great again”.  But, of course, things never go as well as we expect, so the president is an easy scape-goat for all the bad things.  No wonder the men who have served in the office have quickly turned gray.  Long range planning and organizational efficiency suffer under the influence of Neptune, consequently America tends to lurch from misadventure to another, furiouslyputting out fires” and spinning its wheels.


USA Chart and Charlottesville Riot Bi-Wheel

What we are looking for here are the significant planet connections, particularly those that form recognizable patterns.  It is quite obvious there is one.  A T Cross formed by transiting Saturn and Mars aspecting the USA Neptune and Mars.

What does this suggest?  I think that after a rather thorough examination of Neptune and Mars in the USA chart and the fact  these are being strongly aspected by transiting Saturn, that something significant appears to be approaching.  It is notable that Neptune is now at 13 Pisces, and applying in opposition to the USA Neptune, and a square Mars.  This may indicate that ‘conditions’ are gathering strength, building toward the Spring of 2021 when the Neptune to Neptune opposition becomes exact.

DJT announces in speech an escalation in Afghanistan War

Last night, August 21, President Trump announced a new policy for the Afghanistan conflict, as we are in 15th year of that misbegotten war.  There is a old saying that Afghanistan is the graveyard of nations, that was definitely true for the now defunct USSR.  America, is of course, exceptional ( the myth is called “American Exceptionalism” ), so we assume that we, the nation, is especially blessed by the Almighty in whatever misguided action we have a knee-jerk impulse to take.

The Charlottesville event chart, while it is timed particularly for that event, and we are using it to try to  predict where we are, and where things are going in race relations, the chart also relates to general conditions.  Conditions which don’t look good at all, according to the astrology.

An additional dark omen sticks up  its ugly head when we note that the Great Eclipse of Monday hit very close to DJTs Mars and Ascendant.  This aspect does not bode well for prospects of a return of peace and harmony, in the Nation.   Mars is inherently an agitator, an aggressor, but it can also be a defender, protector, when used in a positive way.  In trying to predict something we must, and should, look at past records, past behavior, and given our observation of DJT’s past behavior, the future looks anything but peaceful. DJT throughout his life as habitually “led with his Mars”, it is a sure bet that he will continue to do so, after all, it has always worked for him.

                                                    In closing


A Quad Wheel -USA-Center – Firing on Fort Sumter – Civil Rights Act 1964 – Charlottesville

It is fascinating to plot the transit around the wheel of Neptune as it triggers significant events in America’s experience of slavery and race relations.

I would have liked to have a larger wheel that the Quad Wheel because there are other important charts related to slavery/civil rights could have been displayed, such as the 13th Amendment of 1865,  (abolished slavery. )In the Quad Wheel the 3rd & 9th Houses with Virgo and Pisces have been shaded in.  You can readily see there is a heavy population of planets in that area, which confirms my thesis that these two sings are significant in matters of race relations.

The events in Charlottesville have an astrological connection with the important historical events related to slavery and race in this country and since the election of Mr. Trump our rose-colored glasses have been  ripped from our eyes as we note that the  election of the first black man to the office of President did not signal that America had  ‘come of age’  but that it triggered  racial feelings that had laid dormant for a time.  Hence the rise of DJ Trump.

                                                  Concluding comments with a larger view

The cycles of Uranus & Pluto are highly significant in understanding historical eras.  Richard Tarnas in his book “Cosmos and Psyche” writes that the critical alignment periods ( conjunction, squares and opposition) of these two planets correlates with: “the call for freedom but also the revelation of nature, intellectual awakening but also the eruption of feeling and instinct, radical change but also heightened Eros, creative innovation and experiment but also destructive upheaval”.

We are now in the waning phase of the opening square of the Uranus, Pluto cycle that began with the conjunction at 17 Virgo 07 on October 9, 1965, There was a subsequent conjunction in April 6, 1966 at 16 Virgo 25;  these two degrees consequently provide the “seed symbols”  for this present cycle  that will end with a conjunction in 2104 at 7 Taurus. The next critical alignment, the opposition, will occur in early 2047.

These dates are a long way off but knowing these does help to put current events in a larger context and perhaps help in understanding what ‘it all means’. Our immediate challenge is in dealing with the next 7 -9 year period that will highlighted  the three outer planets -Uranus, Neptune and Pluto change of sign:

  • Pluto enter Aquarius in January 2024;
  • Neptune will enter Aries in March 2025,
  • and Uranus will enter Gemini in April 2026.

Outer planet ingresses invariably correlate with major changes.

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy.  This one was updated on June 29, 2018.

From the New York Times op-ed pages.

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