The Daily for 9-9-2017 Hartford Connecticut

Libra 11º      A professor peering over his glasses

This symbol is a do over from Monday September 4 but now located in the Eleventh house whereas it fell on the Second House Cusp on Monday — in that position today it would conjunct Pluto. The “professor” creates no oppositions or conjunctions however there are two hemispheric singletons, Jupiter in Libra on the Twelfth House & another at the Fourth House with Neptune in Pisces.

These two singletons form a yod with our Die exact to Neptune in the Fourth House (strong fears of home, property and end of life) and conjunct Florida’s natal sun of 14 Pisces tells us that a lot of water is on the way. The midpoint to the Yod (shown by the Orange) shows up between the natal Pluto and its Part of Fortune and opposite our Die creating a  T-cross at the Moon in Capricorn in the Eighth House. Everything is pointing to a frightful hurricane that could fulfill its potential as being the Queen of them all (midpoint is in native Leoine house).

                       As of 11 am this morning, Major Hurricane Irma was a dangerous category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph with higher gusts. Hurricane-force winds are extending farther than they did 24 hours ago and are now out up to 70 miles from the center and tropical storm-force winds extend outward up to 185 miles. Irma is located approximate 405 miles southeast of Miami, FL and will move between the central Bahamas and the north coast of Cuba today.

— Captain Kirk of

We pray not.
Joel Anthony.




Over the next 24-36 hours, Irma will continue on a west-northwest track going over very warm waters between Florida and the Bahamas. This energy will help to maintain Irma as a major hurricane up at least through landfall (likely Sunday morning) and we think Irma will still be a powerful category 4 storm at that time.

After 36 hours, the storm will make the all-important turn in track to a more north-northwest direction pointed towards Florida; exactly when and where this turn occurs will make a huge difference in where Irma makes landfall. In the past 24 hours we’ve seen both the European model and the U.S. GFS model shift the track of Irma west which means we’ll likely have hurricane-force winds across the southern peninsula with Miami and West Palm Beach in the dangerous right-front quadrant of the hurricane with devastating results.

Irma is a much larger storm in size than Andrew (1992) and Charley (2004), so a much wider area of major impacts and large surge is expected. Storm surge could be up to 15 ft with 30 ft waves on top of that around the southern tip of Florida from about just south of Naples around to Homestead with serious concerns for Miami as well.