The Sanriku earthquake on March 2, 1933 at 10:30 am LMT was the most powerful quake to hit Japan in over 180 years.  It registered 8.5 on the Richter scale.  Our featured images of the previous quake on Sanriku that was much lower in velocity but had a 30,000 dead body count.  You can read more about that one here on The Japan Times site.

It has two very remarkable things:  the first is that Uranus is in Aries in the 7th House and it is square Pluto in Cancer in the Tenth. The second thing is the Sextile to Venus in Aquarius suggesting that the rain would be “unusual” or different from normal.  The Daily Kos has a good write-up on it disaster, click here to read more.


The setup is a lipped bowl, this time scooping up the first through fourth houses, raining down on personal experiences and creating with the Moon in the Eighth House in Taurus at 19.41 , a fearful & unforgettable experience but also cautioning not to allow one’s fear take hold of one’s good judgement.

E.C. Chambers calls that degree the “Whirligig” and as it is semi-sextile Uranus it would seem that the Moon did a lot that day to pump up the disruptive volume and create a tsunami of extraordinary proportions particularly as the co-ruler of that Scorpion Eighth House was sextile the Moon nestling up to the Mid-heaven at 08.44 Cancer

Saturn at 11.05 is on the Fifth House Cusp of Aquarius showing the despair that the inhabitants felt that their doom was impending and their hopes and dreams gone especially as it is sextile the Sun in Pisces.

Strife was the watchword and Mars conjunct Neptune was showing how the stress of the geological plates (Mars rules metal; Neptune the seas) opposite the Sun took on a life of its own. A newsreel from the time captures this unfortunately very well.



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