The sun entered Libra, Friday, September 22 at 4:01 PM EDT, initiating  the fall equinox and autumn season.  Our chart for the event set at the Capital Building, Washington, D.C.  I have used the popular Placidean format.


fall-equinox-2017-e1528733515787 (1).jpg

                                          the Mundane Chart

Two of the primary features we look for in a seasonal ingress chart is the position and condition of the sun, since the chart is erected based on its transit, the other feature is the Ascendant and the position and condition of its ruler.

Here the ascendant is Capricorn and its ruler, Satur n is in Sagittarius, in the 11th House.   I have noted that on the chart above.

Capricorn’s nature is practical, pragmatic, persistent, and organized, hence these qualities should characterize the prevailing mood of the season.  Saturn is  the ‘no nonsense’ planet of the zodiac & is located in the 11th House.  In mundane astrology the 11th is associated with the legislative branch of government i.e.  Congress,  its activities, or lack thereof, will be a major focus of attention.  Other things related to the 11th are: social groups,  & associations of  all kinds; political affiliations and participation; national goals; friends of the nation; labor unions; left-wing movements; and business prosperity.

The sun is located in the 8th House.  The 8th is traditionally thought of as a ‘bad place’ to be, in a natal horoscope, because it is associated with death.  In a mundane chart though, so it deals with the nation’s budget, economic crisis; national debt; insurance and the insurance industry; internal revenue; environmental pollution; public money; criminal activity, criminal reform, social security; taxation and totalitarian regimes.

The aspects to the sun are important.  The sun is the source of the energy and vitality of life on the planet, consequently its condition in the ingress chart is a very important indicator of how well things will go for the season.  In other words, a sun with difficult aspects is indicative of  diminished vitality and resourcefulness.  When the sun is relatively weak the inevitable shocks and hazards that will occur potentially will cause more havoc than if the sun were better positioned.


In this ingress chart, the sun  is well positioned, receiving no aspects from the two major ‘malefics’ of the zodiac: Mars and Saturn and has a semisextile aspect to the other luminary the Moon on one side and Venus on the other.  But the Moon is poorly aspected by Uranus in Aries, suggesting chaos and disruption from the second house of the national economy, wealth and prosperity.  It represents banks and financial institutions, money markets, investments, stocks, bonds and shares, so I would say that the Fed Chairmanship will change as will its attitude to “loose money.”  Get that cheap credit while you can.

With the moon and Jupiter under stress in the 9th issues of foreign imports and exports,  high seas, and weather conditions around the coasts & the media i.e.:  the attitude of the press toward the public, so immigration and the “wall” will be back in parlance as will be “Fake News.”  Because the school year starts in September, foreign students and the visas will under discussion and the amount of federal money universities receive — those this was supposedly discussed in the new IRS code.


                             The USA birth chart & the Fall Ingress chart

Fall Equinox 2017 USA

The magic rectangle of inner harmony

I will only point out what I consider to be the most alarming feature of what is presented here, namely the transit of Saturn at 21 Sagittarius opposing the USA Mars at 21 Gemini, the mutable signs.

This opposition is within a 1 degree orb. It has been in this neighborhood since last December, and made a station direct on this degree August 25.

Astrologically this is a definite confirmation of the belligerent stance the US has has since President Trump took office but since these are mutable signs, it could also be considering grandstanding or puffery  (Sagittarian fire + Geminian air).

                                         Will there be war?

No, the Ingress chart does not exhibit a strong sun, it is nevertheless & its 8th House placement, with Capricorn rising suggests trials and tribulations ahead of us during this autumn season, particularly in the areas I have mentioned.

Saturn in the 11th House suggests to me that the fundamental ‘test’ for Americans during this period is not so much in the nature of the events that may occur, however difficult these may be, but in the manner in which we deal with them.  The 11th House in its highest sense depicts  national ideals , hopes and aspirations.  America was founded on very high ideals – democracy, freedom  and equality for all, and for the ‘promotion of the general welfare’.  America has been for many years a ‘Beacon, a Shining Light on the Hill’ for countless immigrants, the tired, worn and desperate masses.  Will America under Trump abandon its modern ideals and become  Fortress America, an international bully, in a much divided country?

                                                                                  An Overview of the Big Picture

I think a primary astrological ‘benchmark’ that we can use to gain some perspective is the epochal Uranus & Neptune conjunction, exact from April 1992 to October 1993, at the 19th & 20th degrees of Capricorn.

feb 2 2017.png

Pluto at 19 Capricorn circled in red.  This is a Jupiter bucket.

Pluto reached the 19th degree of Capricorn, on February 2, 2017, just 13 days after the inauguration of President Trump. As the transformer of the zodiac, Pluto  now at 19  Capricorn (governmental structure, authority figures) tells of  flux &  dissension,  – the break-down of traditional governance, mass killings, massed forced migrations of people into other countries, etc.  Next major stop for Pluto is when it enters Aquarius in early 2024 which should mark a significant turning point in the world crisis. Coincident with this is Pluto’s trine with Uranus.

A Saturn Neptune conjunction at the mid-point of this trine forms on the 1st degree of Aries. This is an extraordinarily positive configuration! We should take into consideration the 240 year ‘Mutation Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn. The two will be conjunct on December 21, 2020 — the winter solstice — , at the 1st degree of Aquarius, which will initiate a mutation from the Earth triplicity to Air Signs.   Before the ‘discovery’ of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, the Jupiter Saturn cycle was the primary tool for the ancient astrologer in forecasting.

In 2020 the conjunction will be in an air sign,  historically corresponding with rapid social progress, significant intellectual development, and new concepts entering into human consciousness.


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So if we can hold together for another 5 or 6 years, the future  holds wonderful potential!





My adventure in astrology began several decades ago while browsing in a bookstore ( a favorite pastime) where I picked up a book by the astrologer Ronald Davidson, and I was hooked. Encounters with the work of several others astrologers followed in time, among them Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones. I was a member of the Sabian Assembly for many years and studied Marc's Sabian Astrology system. Most recently I completed Chris Brennen's Hellenistic Astrology course. It was very enlightening to discover the roots, the beginnings, of horoscopic astrology in the Hellenistic course. I feel that it enabled me to fully "round out" my understanding and practice of astrology. I would describe my approach to astrology as "eclectic", I get excited when I discover some teaching or technique that seems to work and sheds light on an area of astrology that previously has not been well understood or totally obscure. Psychological astrology is and has been an area that I have spent significant time doing, , however these days I find that the mundane/political.economic areas have attracted more of my time and attention. I enjoy writing for this blog and welcome any comments from you our readers, you are the reason for doing this.

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