The Splay of Dame Maggie Smith

The header image of Dame Maggie Smith is from 1972 and a movie called the Millionairess.  Never saw it.

Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie is a Splay Temperament Type.  That means she has no oppositions in her chart, and a Grand Trine — both are requirements.  Typically we have found that one of the trines is in a triad of their own like Uranus in the Ninth House for her giving the first impression of a bucket with * handle.  On closer inspection, like hers, the handle opposition (to Jupiter here) is too wide of its mark — we use the Robson/ Jones eight degrees and this opposition is about eleven and out.

Splays have a tendency of being rather independent people, as their wheel is self-continuing and we have found that the first spoke of the wheel the key to how they get their spark and interest to set off the rest of the map into motion.  In Dame Maggie’s chart, we see that is Neptune in the first house, giving her a rather romantic view of the world, based on our rectification of 09 Virgo.  Her Moon at 05 Libra, tells us that both sides of her life will find her happily in the spotlight, early one it was in the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and lately it has been through the Harry Potter series and Downtown Abbey.

Her second spoke Venus in Capricorn suggests that she has innate love of order and classical tailoring; both of her brothers are architects and she originally studied to be one as well.  Her third spoke right on the Eighth-Ninth Cusp tells us that she requires a career to be something that is fully challenging and allows her travel but with that square to Saturn in the Sixth House be fairly vigorous and demanding.

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