Carter’s Sheffield Boy + Tetanus

Sheffield is a town, city and borough in Yorkshire, England and is about 160 miles north of London.  It was known for its steel and in particular cutlery.  The local iron ore was smelted with charcoal obtained from the nearby abundant woodlands, and smiths and cutlers used the excellent local sandstone for grindstones.  Our header picture is of a contemporary shot of Sheffield, featuring new and old architecture.  Sheffield is quite old and dates back to Julius Caesar.

sheffield boy chart.

During the 15th century the streams that converge on Sheffield began to be used for power for grinding and forging operations. A cutlery industry  grew, and Sheffield emerged by the 17th century as the main provincial cutlery town and a powerful rival to London. By 1700 London, had been defeated, and Sheffield enjoyed a virtual monopoly of the English cutlery trade.

Our Sheffield boy can be found in Charles E. O. Carter’s book, Symbolic Directions.  He  says little about the boy other than his birth and odd death.  Looking at his chart, it is rather obvious that he had a rather unfortunate affinity to popping, pricking and picking things with metal see the Ascendant at 17 Cancer conjunct Neptune 20 opposite Uranus in Capricorn conjunct Mars involving a translation of light.  The T-Square comes out in the Fifth House via Moon conjunct Juno that we feel is best characterized by the word “affinity.”  Here with Moon and Juno together this is an unhealthy affinity perhaps bordering on a fetish.

sheffield boy.png

He died at age 15, March 18, 1926 at 13:30.  His progressed chart does not show much difference, except that the fatal degrees of Uranus in Capricorn, its Lord, is now very close to Mars and still opposed to the Neptune – Cancer conjunction.  Juno is now in the Fourth House, suggesting a pre-occupation with his adolescent body but is now opposite the Moon in the Eleventh House of Aries and trine its Mars.

The moon of course is the Boy’s lord of his Ascendant, and in the Eleventh House suggests now something dirty and Hygeia at 20 Sagittarius is not opposite Pluto, as it was not discovered in his lifetime, but instead inconjunct the Ascendant – Neptune group, telling us that hygiene was not something he paid attention to or noticed.  That’s a pity, as a dirty metal compass point brought about his demise via that hideous disease, lockjaw.death.png

The tetanus vaccine was discovered by a Pasteur student in  Paris, 1893, and so was known, but we doubt highly publicized. The CDC recommends  immunization every ten year and while it says only 20 percent of all lockjaw cases are fatal, my Uncle Arthur, the retired head of internal medicine at Detroit General disagrees and puts the fatality closed to 100%.  Since reading about John Roebling’s death building the Brooklyn Bridge, I have never missed a shot — don’t you either.