The Yods of Pamela Hills

Pamela Hills, not her real name, asked for her chart to be done. She had a birth time but doubted that it was accurate, working with her and her progressions gave us Gemini 10. She married late in life, having fallen victim to the current idea of overpopulation in the world, and believed in “zero population” growth.

With her Saturn in Pisces near her midheaven, she met her husband through her various bush-walks in the Australian countryside who was entranced by her ability to mimic birds calls (Neptune). True to form, he is about 9 years older (or a third of a Saturn cycle) and plays into her first yod for an affinity with an older and more established man.

Pamela is a bucket with a Neptune handle.

Yod 1 and the hospital

The first Yod in Pamela’s chart is from Neptune to the Uranus-Pluto partile in the 3rd that is inconjunct her Saturn 27 Pisces 09. She did have a very successful career as a nurse until she suffered an at-work accident, because of hospital negligence, was then was relocated to an Administrative job but not until family members urged her (Neptune the voices regarding work) to go forward and register a complaint.

This Yod says as much about the negligence of the hospital as it does about her maternal care, also non-existent and would play heavily into her feeling of inadequacy and self-blame over the accident as the Moon, mother of us all, rules the Fourth House and here is in its detriment — it is also conjunct Saturn that rules the 10th house, important because it was her father who helped her get the original position.

The hobby yod

The second Yod that deals with her question: what would be a good hobby? Against we start with Saturn sextile her Sun 24 Taurus 36 to Neptune. We use many of the same planets from the first again, but this time in different positions.

This yod gives her a strong creative spark that also includes good child bearing proclivity, but that she intellectually cut off (the Mars 20 Taurus 39 apex) and while she married young enough to have children, her husband did not want them (Saturn is a toughie). While aunty to many children, but while having the talent, she has no interest in making knitting, crocheting or beading anything for them — that works out well as her chart does not support that either.

Another hobby comes from her extensive travelling and photography uniting them in nature writing as in a photo travelogue. She liked that idea a lot and seems she has reams of photographs of her bush walks through four continents, several countries and lots of islands including Fiji but her favorite places are the North Island of New Zealand and her native Oz. Every time she speaks she finds another place on the continent she has yet to visit — and that is a good time.

We wish her the best. The header image is from the Sydney Botanical Gardens, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Rectification is a fine art, and one we are always learning. Our original chart for Mrs Hills was a bit off — we had it 23 instead of the new 11 Gemini. It doesn’t change much in the chart, but it is helping with her current progressions. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Population growth is a problem. But the way my father felt about it, which made sense to me, was that intelligent people should have children. If all the intelligent people stop having kids, that would be a problem. I don’t know. I hope she is OK the way she is. I think her chart is full of dynamic possibilities! She could probably do whatever she wants.

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