dr king and coretta

Dr. King and wife Coretta

He was born Michael Luther King, Jr, but changed it to Martin. His mother said he was born at “high noon” so that has traditionally stood for the time, and the symbol of Taurus 01 is very striking, ” A CLEAR MOUNTAIN STREAM.,” depicting  the pure stream of water, spontaneously bubbling forth as a  manifestation of one’s nature emerging  from its spiritual source.

Mountain streams are conditioned by the nature of the soil and the rocky crevices over which they must flow, and that’s a poignant image for how Dr. King’s strength of character and vision was tested throughout his life, and nevertheless prevailed.  Through those various hardships a new  potentiality emerges, as though through those troubles, he was tested so that his resolve would allow him to  flow irresistibly towards a brilliant and clear future.



Rev. King is a  Bucket Temperament Type  with a Saturn handle in the Eighth House.  This shows devout religious faith and desire for social service while being in Sagittarius highlighting the first of his many tests — he did not want to be a minister like his father.  But Sagittarius is a fickle thing sending off arrows in which direction waiting to hit home, and for Rev. King that happened when he went to Morehouse Univeristy in his native Atlanta, and met  Dr. Benjamin Mays, the president of the school and a devout Christian minister himself, who saw King’s ability and realized that this man King could crystallize the racial inequality that he had fought so long against.


Dr. Benjamin Mays

Perhaps it was King’s resonant voice that attracted Mays,. hearing Rev. King speak is a striking experience.  His timber is rich and lustrous, it pulls you into his sermon and you become awake to its message.  That is the gift that Neptune on the Sixth house cusp gives a person — a loud and clear voice that carries.  Convinced by Rev. Mays, King did go on, pursuing his theological studies at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania.


But his success like that mountain stream babbling over  the rocks, were not as clear and easy and that is because Rev. King with two inner planets, and the major preponderance of planets in his chart,  in the Eleventh House of Pisces had to bring forth his message via his feet — he literally walked his message out to the people.     His Uranus in the Twelfth House is striking in this case, hints at secret enemies (J. Edgar Hoover for one), and a tendency to be working with the poor and disadvantaged  Often those with Uranus here find themselves, as he did confined unjustly since the Twelfth house rules governmental agencies and Uranus being a rebel would highlight that antagonism.

Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis Tennessee, leaving behind four children and his dear wife, Coretta.

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