Melania Trump, Mrs. Donald Trump, Sr.

Melania’s wedding gown
We have been asked for Melania Trump’s birthday after publishing Michelle Obama’s.  It has been rectified so we are making her Ascendant 03 Scorpio with a Midheaven of Leo that gives her a career in entertainment; previously to marrying Pres. Trump she was a fashion model.  Her chart is a See-Saw temperament type with many planets groups in a handle in the Seventh House and the other set splashed out.  Jansky called this a Fan-handle, feeling that the handle supports the greater bucket on the other side.


It is an interesting theory where he posits that this Fan Handle supports the Kite Configuration, and while dispersed, these configuration is not disparate like a see-saw but wholistic i.e. the chart as a whole is working together for one grand vision.

  melania.png In Jansky’s vision, JFK is a Fan Handle as well.  For him the key is the core opposition is that planet opposite the handle — which is almost exclusively Taurean —  here in Mrs. Trump’s chart that would be Neptune in the First House.  Sepharial writes that is perfect for marriage as it makes her turn a blind eye to her husband’s peccadilloes.

Our header image is the First Lady’s official portrait.