Update:  from the Toronto Star

Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted in a double murder according to the latest update by Toronto police. Initially there was some suggestion that the death of Apotex’s founder and his wife was a murder-suicide, however investigators now say, after a tip supplied on January 20, 2018, that it was really a double homicide.

The times are totally approximate and we will update this page as more information comes in.  The chart below is a composite of Barry Sherman’s birth and death.  The downloads are of Mr. Sherman’s birth and this composite chart.  There is no birthdata for Mrs. Sherman, who was born in war-torn Austria during Nazi occupation.


The composite chart is a deviated bucket, one of those crazy offshoots of a deviated bowl but with a Uranus handle with no oppositions but squared Mars in Leo opposite the Part of Fortune.  The aspects suggest that Mr & Mrs.Sherman knew their killer and the Moon conjunct Pluto that this quarrel had been brewing.  It would seem that the motive for the crime was intellectual property issues, or bequests as Saturn is sextile Uranus.

We wish the best to the Toronto police in apprehending them.

barry sherman birthday in toronto

Barry & Honey Sherman Murder composite to Mr. Sherman’s Birth

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