The Great Ellen Terry

Dame Terry has been rectified to a 26 Leo Ascendant, the same as the incredible Charlie Chaplin, Irish-American playwright Eugene O’Neill & the Midheaven of Comic Marshall P. Wilder, which we did previously. Quite remarkable company. She is a Moon Bucket giving her the ability to convey her characterisations to the audience as living persons.

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Her Jupiter in the Tenth shows her love of the theatre and chameleon ability to portray a range of characters, but it is her preponderance of planets in Pisces spanning from the Seventh House, other people and relationships, through the Eighth and inheritances, that is truly remarkable and explains why she is so mythic, still, to actors today. On the down side, that Piscean quality made her too emphatic with her roles and was a psychic strain on her health.

The Britannica article above, printed in 1911, does not mention her two children Edward and Edith Craig. She was considered the greatest Shakespearean actress of her time, and perhaps because of her selfless dedication to her roles, ever and was well loved in her native England, America and Australia.

Dame Ellen Terry

She died July 21, 1928 in Small Hythe, Kent, England in a small cottage her eyes having failed, her health in decline,  penniless.

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