Revisions for February 2018

This page notes the revisions and major updates to our posts for the month of February.  January’s revisions are here.  Our header picture is  of the Olympic Complex in Pyeonchang, South Korea.  It  cost 62.6 million US dollars according to BusinessInsider, not including the 44 million alpine complex below.

Have some kimchi.  Watch Chaser, swoon for  Kim Yun-Seok and get into the Korean mood.



  1. Cayce Amtrak story
    1. We felt someone was speeding and wanted to say Amtrak but remained neutral.
    2. The New York Post reports it was Amtrak and we updated the page to reflect that.
  2. We are currently changing all of headlines from “The week of” to”This week in…” for those who want to follow the places we visit, but we have many dates where there are not any dates.  We introduced that feature in June 2017, so to find them all look under the category “Astronomy” and not “Mundane Events.”
  3. We have finally fixed all the errors we found in January.
  4. Our biggest faux pas was found by a reader, dealing with the deal of the Pineland Florida Shooting.
    1. We originally had Friday February 9th, and corrected it to Valentine’s Wednesday.  The article now has the correct charts for the right date.  Thanks for the catch.