Point 9 was originally termed Karma and Marc Edmund Jones defined it as “Karma is what you carry around with you as an excuse for being. Good karma places nothing in your way, and bad karma makes you work, therefore, bad karma is good, if it makes you put forth effort.”  He added  that Jupiter is the planet of karma, the planet of your soul or your conscious conception of your inner self. ”

tdr jupiter

Twenty years later when he wrote his final work, Counseling Manual of Astrology, he had rethought that and felt that Point 9 was now Spontaneity and a person’s enjoyment of life and how that fulfills them, so we are re-terming that now to avoid confusion.  We are also now, changing over from Marc’s Placidus format to our Morinus/Meridian one to show how it applies.

In TR’s chart we find Jupiter (keyword expansion) in the succedent fifth house of offspring and personal environs in the sign of of Gemini that is vivification or giving life to something in a degree of assembly. The symbol (Gemini 22) reads: “An old-fashioned ‘harvest home’ festival is at its height, with flashing dancing couples crowding the dance floor.”

This is symbolic of the richness of life, found by creating good times with human association.  Conviviality is what refreshes us and gives us the good memories to empower us to go forward and the Lord Jesus himself, never refused an invitation to a party. Teddy too liked parties and the “bringing in the sheaves,¹” is giving life to ideas, and carrying them out to benefit others.


  1.  Sheaves are the plural of sheaf, a stalk of a cereal plant, but no one can do much with one stalk, so harvest time is about collecting and binding the sheaves of  wheat, rye, etc., after they are cut down typically with Cyrus McCormack’s mechanical reaper.