Ralph Lauren is a on a roll.  Last year he designed the first lady’s dress for the inauguration.  This year he created the USA Olympic Team’s couture (our header image is an illustration).

Born Ralph Lifshitz in the Bronx, New York on October 14, 1939, he grew up there on Moshulu Parkway, itself a creation of New York civic planner-architect Robert Moses. The area was part the FDR WPA program, constructed from 1935 to 1937, and resulted in Van Cortlandt Park and the New York Botanical Gardens.

Mr. Lauren  attended then CUNY’s Baruch College in Manhattan, where he studied business for two years. After a brief stint in the Army, Lauren took on a sales job at Brooks Brothers.   In 1964 he married Ricky Ann Low-Beer, herself a graduate of another one of CUNY’s schools, Hunter College, where she majored in psychology.

melania in ralph

The First Lady in Ralph Lauren couture on Inauguration day, 2017.

In 1967, while working for Beau Brummell, Lauren began designing his own men’s neckties with a wider cut, branding them under the name “Polo” and selling them at large department stores, including Bloomingdale’s.  It was successful and he got a business loan from Citibank for $50,000 –and therein began the great success story that is now part of the S&P 500, trades around $110.00 a share on the NYSE and is  a 8.5 billion dollar business.

Ralph Lauren

                                                  Unclothing Ralph


We have rectified Mr. Lauren’s chart to a 29 Taurus that in the Hyperion Symbols of  Gavin Kent McClung (a Marc Jones protégé) is a “Young woman leading an aged dog that limps” that is about Loyalty to one’s vision through time and despite challenges.  His first house is Taurus ruled by artistic Venus, a planet that found appropriately in the sixth house of work at 01 Scorpio, the sign of Creative Regeneration, which fits with the whole vision of Polo — designing upscale America for middle class pocketbooks.

ralph lauren.jpg

Lauren’s Saturn, that planet of structure, sensitivity and good taste is in his twelfth house of large corporations and dreams.  Growing up near the New York Botanic Gardens on Moshulu exposed him firsthand to the revamping of what was formerly the empty fields and farms of the Bronx, and perhaps inspired him to dream big, for his chart, a bucket with a Mars Handle in the Tenth House of careers, encourages those thoughts — Mars rules metal and thus scissors a tool integral for the cutting of cloth.

ralph and ricky.png

from Architectural Digest

Saturn, the essential ruler of the tenth house, is sextile Mars (which is exalted in Capricorn giving its native shrewd business sense) giving Lauren a strong determination to succeed, and the Moon trine Mars encourages him to refashion himself. With his Sun in the sixth house, we do not see Mr. Lauren retiring anytime soon.  We think he loves it too much.

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