On Tuesday evening, February 27, Dr. Glenn Perry announced his resignation as an International Society for Astrological Research board member. In his resignation letter to the board, Glenn stated,

“I will miss my ISAR family. Should the need arise, I will remain available for projects to which I might usefully contribute.”

ISAR regrets the circumstances that ultimately led to Glenn’s resignation, we are grateful for his 21 years of exemplary service to ISAR, which included the creation of ISAR Ethics Document and first ISAR Ethics Awareness course in 2000.

Dr Perry has been a  professional astrologer since 1975.  He is also a  licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 1979 and member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). License #M14207.  He is located in Haddam, Connecticut.

You can contact him here.