There is no asteroid at Sagittarius 13 that makes the point focus, but at the Gemini position, there is Aesculpius, suggesting health concerns.  If instead we add in the various Arabian Points, we find that parental concerns, particularly if they are not living with you, and their health maybe the real issue.  Luckily tomorrow is a holiday and a good time to check in.


                                    Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Hinsdale, New Hampshire is a town in Cheshire County  New Hampshire.  It is  bordered by Chesterfield on the north, Winchester on the east, and  Northfield, Massachusetts to the south, and Brattleboro, Vermont on the west.

Colonel Ebeneezer Hinsdale from a prominent family in Deerfield, and the former chaplain of Fort Dummer, an important trading post on the Connecticut River, founded the town in 1753.  He  established the trading post at Fort Hinsdale, reportedly at his own expense, for the French-Indian Wars and later also the Revolutionary.