Full Pink Moon April 30 2018

The full Pink Moon peaks this weekend on Sunday, April 29, at 8:58 p.m. EDT (0058 GMT on April 30).  Those of us in the NYC vicinity will see the  nearly full moon rise at 7:31 p.m. EDT sharing some sky-space with the Taurean Sun, according to http://www.timeanddate.com. April 29 2018 9:00 PM Time Zone is PDT Tarzana, … Continue reading Full Pink Moon April 30 2018


The Waterfront Saint

Download the Saint Eva Marie chart https://youtu.be/6VZQl7MLb24 On Independence Day 1924 in Newark New Jersey, Eva Marie Saint was born to Eva Marie and John Saint.  Her first role was in Elia Kazan's on the Waterfront playing against Marlon Brando where she won the Best Supporting Actress.  The interview above discusses their introduction.  She was … Continue reading The Waterfront Saint

#710 Grasping Mussolini

Benito Mussolini  was named for Benito Juarez of Mexico, because his socialist father felt it would give his son character.  Strong willed, and intelligent, when his father was told by the nuns that his son had academic promise, Signore Mussolini told his son to beat his teacher up, lest she encourage the boy to be … Continue reading #710 Grasping Mussolini

Welcome Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge

Prince William and Kate Middleton have revealed the name they’ve chosen for their baby boy. His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge. Louis (pronounced “LU-EE”) means “renowned warrior” in French, and is likely a tribute to Prince Philip, whose grandfather was Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg and was also born almost a month later, on May 24, 1854 in Graz, … Continue reading Welcome Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge

Flipping Milo Yiannopoulos

Yiannopoulos was born Milo Hanrahan in Kent in 1984 and grew up in a financially comfortable  family. He later adopted his beloved maternal Greek grandmother’s surname.  On Twitter, before he was permanently banned last July, he operated as @nero. After dropping out of two universities – Manchester and Cambridge – he wrote for the Catholic … Continue reading Flipping Milo Yiannopoulos

A woman of many talents & haircolor…Gloria DeHaven

The clip is from the Johnny Carson Show with Miss DeHaven,  Gene Hackman,  George Carlin  McLean Stevenson of MASH Her parents were vaudevillians and she her younger brother Carter grew up on the circuit.  Gloria Mildred Dehaven was born on July 23, 1925 in Los Angeles and we are rectifying her to 12 Scorpio giving … Continue reading A woman of many talents & haircolor…Gloria DeHaven

This week in Little Rock, Arkansas 4/23-29 2018

Our header shot is of the Little Rock County courthouse circa, 1905 Sunday April 22, 2018 Sun contra-parallel Apollon 00:02AM EDT, Venus sextile Juno 4:31AM EDT, Pluto stations retrograde 11:25AM EDT, First Quarter Moon 5:45PM EDT at 2°leo42' Trop, Venus parallel Admetos 7:07PM EDT, Venus contra-parallel Black Moon 10:38PM EDT Monday April 23, 2018 Venus parallel Vulcanus … Continue reading This week in Little Rock, Arkansas 4/23-29 2018

Midpoints of the Moon for Mel Gibson

Our header picture is Mel Colm-Cille Gerard and Robyn Denise Gibson way back in 1981 when they newly married. He seems to favour that look:  tall and dark haired, as all three mothers of his cumulative nine children resemble each other.   This is a Midpoint Tree produced by Kepler software.  Lots of other software … Continue reading Midpoints of the Moon for Mel Gibson

Dialing Mel Gibson

Marc Jones looked at the Dial and decided against it, preferring to use the semi-sextile, sesquiquadrate and semi-square.  Indeed now with modern software one can divvy up the whole chart into 22.5 - 45 or 135 degree angles very easily and ignore the dial, so it is a preference.   Others go with John Addey and … Continue reading Dialing Mel Gibson

Comey “marries up” with Failor

The header picture is of the couple and their five children; Mrs. Comey is in the middle of the girls donning a yellow jacket.  Standing is James Comey on one side and on the other is his son, Brien Comey. We did an astrological analysis last year, when he was "axed"  by President Trump, see over … Continue reading Comey “marries up” with Failor