The Lusitania and Elbert Hubbard

For those interested in the sinking of the Lusitania and Hubbard's birthchart, it is provided below for discussion and review.  We are using the Marc Jones time and the 2:12 GMT PM time for the sinking as reported by the lighthouse keeper of Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland -- it was supposedly within view.  The … Continue reading The Lusitania and Elbert Hubbard


This week, the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day

Sunday May 20, 2018 Mars sextile Chiron 1:55AM EDT, Sun quincunx Cupido 7L48AM EDT, Mars square Apollon 7:52AM EDT, Venus sextile Transpluto 8:53AM EDT, Sun sextile Vulcanus 1:38PM EDT, Venus square Chiron 4:23PM EDT and trine Apollon 5:40PM EDT, Venus quincunx Mars 10:05PM EDT, Sun enters tropical Gemini 10:14PM EDT, Mercury opposes Poseidon 10:33PM EDT … Continue reading This week, the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day

Lois Lane and Margot Kidder

USA Today has a good write up on her that should fill in a lot of the missing biography.  She was born at 5:42 PM Yellowknife time.  That is why her Ascendant is in the second house of Taurus -- this is how the Morinus adjusts for the northern lattitudes (see Mrs Fred Trump, the … Continue reading Lois Lane and Margot Kidder

Gaspard Bauhin– the flower’s best friend

First is Dr. Bauhin's chart as would have been made for him at his birth, unless Campanus or Regiomontanus was in favour, a Hellenistic whole house affair.  We have rectified him to 05.18 Gemini, that Dr. Gordon says gives a "studious and sane mind.  Sober judgement."  I decided to do a chart on him because … Continue reading Gaspard Bauhin– the flower’s best friend

On the Lusitania, Elbert Hubbard

                                        Unravelling Hubbard and his legacy at Roycroft We will be tackling the various charts in Marc Jones's How to Learn Astrology by Marc Jones over the succeeding months.  You can read the whole book online … Continue reading On the Lusitania, Elbert Hubbard

This week: May 6 – 12 2018: Atlanta Georgia

Sunday May 6, 2018 Mercury square Black Moon 2:07AM EDT, Jupiter trine Astraea 2:29AM EDT, Sun sextile Neptune 9:56AM EDT, Pluto quincunx Pallas 10:39AM EDT, Mercury contra-parallel Astraea 3:18PM EDT, Moon square Mars &  Uranus   Monday May 7, 2018 Mercury square Pluto 4:52AM EDT, Uranus square Vulcanus 2:49PM EDT, Venus square Neptune 5:58PM EDT, Mercury … Continue reading This week: May 6 – 12 2018: Atlanta Georgia