The Astrowin site will make a free cosmodyne chart for you if you are not born in the state of Massachusetts.  I was, so I am SOL.  Look below and you will see on the site a drop down box for the “state.”   I made fictitious data for the approximate year I think Betty Boop first came on the screen  (I was off a bit, it was August 9 1930, not January & of course in Hollywood).  As I could not pick Massachusetts I went with Maine, and then typed in a city, Portland — Astrowin does the rest in the lookup.allen edwin.png

Below is the Astrodyne chart you get.  You can change the house type but the default is Placidus and I went with that.  If you do not understand Astrodynes, Edwin has a page that explains the methodology he uses over here.

For Miss Boop, we discover that she rates high in Venusian qualities, oh does she now, and also the Sun giving her a charismatic personality.  A strong Venus is  neat and attractive, dresses meticulously, moves gracefully, and charms others with his friendly personality; companionship is her byword.


Vocations associated with a strong Venus are decorator, confectioner, jeweler, beautician, receptionist, milliner, designer, ceramic engineer, haberdasher, commercial artist, cosmetician, beauty spa operator, dressmaker, wigmaker, florist, occupational therapist, furrier, and singer.

beep boop

You can watch her in her best performance as Snow White,

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