Some astrologers think that Jupiter is the ruling planet for America because of its Sagittarian ascendant.  Of course there are lots of debate on that, but many others use Jupiter because of its 12 year cycle that is not too short, like Mars, and not too long, like Saturn, but right in the middle.  We are in the latter group, so looking at Jupiter and the Koreas, something stand out.

Prior to the Korean Conflict, never upgraded to a war by the US Congress, Jupiter began its cycle at 00 Aries in the tenth house.  Its symbol is a woman rising out of water and a seal embraces her.  Jupiter is sextile Venus Gemini 08 and makes an apex at 08 Sagittarius in the sixth where Juno the planet of treatises and legal marriages happens to be at the time.  That was providential as the Korean Conflict was a UN declared action, that erupted on June 25, 1950 at 11 am Washington D.C. Time just two months after Jupiter made its move.


                       Fast forward to June 1950.

When the action begins the next yod comes into play using Jupiter as our starting point.  It’s now at 08 Pisces, “A girl blowing the trumpet” with an apex right at Mars Libra 06 in the second action.  The north node in the eighth, Aries 03,  is the head of this thing.  It has the symbol of a “profile of a man in the outline of his country,” and gets the keyword of exploitation.

korea starts

President Harry S Truman did not declare that we were supporting the effort immediately, but did so on June 27th at 12 noon. Astrologically things have changed in the two days because of the Moon cycle– Jupiter is now in the sixth house still at Pisces 08 but Mars’s amour Venus is sextile away in travelling Sagittarius and the apex is now Mars.  The yod head is Vesta in Libra 02 is in the first house.

truman and korea.png

                                       The 1953 Treaty

Three years later, on July 27, 1953 a Peace Treaty is  signed at Panmunjom and the 38th parallel is reset as boundary between communist North and anti-communist South.  There are a lot of shots of the site over on pBase, click here.   The Cold War unofficially starts.

korean treaty.png Jupiter is now in the eighth house next to Venus during the Treaty talks.  Juno the treaty maker is part of the stellium with Pallas, Marc Jones calls her business; she ends the party.  This yod is made of Jupiter and Pluto on the eleventh house cusp with the apex at Vesta on the fifth house cusp of offspring.  The head is the Midheaven at 24 Cancer that has the symbol of a “two men and a woman standing on a bit of sunny land facing South.”