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Like Sigmund Freud that we just highlighted, the late Kate Spade also has a Martial handle to her larger bucket.  Hers falls on the seventh house cusp highlighting how her partnership with her husband Andrew Spade, really brought her inspiration and drove her workaholic self into high gear.  It is partile to her mid-heaven so setbacks there, like the Frances Valentine line, would be detrimental to her ego particularly as Venus the planet of artists and fashion is conjunct it and Neptune (high celebrity fashion).


Mrs Kate Spade is the brunette

The Moon in the twelfth house suggests that she was prone to depression and that may have been construed by her family as bipolar (maniac depression) because in mutable Sagittarius her swings from jubilant to despondent would have been that much more noticeable to the people around her.  Also, the moon there would make her rather superficial and be too outward directed, obviously a factor in her demise.

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The progressed chart for an approximate time of death

                                       the progressed Kate Brosnahan Spade

The progressed chart for Mrs. Spade has 19 Cancer as its ascendant, interesting as Eugene Johnson, mentions this as a critical degree for the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 1992.  See this article on that.  Here, Dr. Gordon cites that this degree highlights a persons foibles, and that their love of luxury and celebrity makes them cowardly in the face of adversity.  With Moon and Sun in the eighth house, she had been a spendthrift with her money from Coach when she sold the Kate spade brand, and this definitely depressed her with the Frances Valentine one that she had spent hand over fist in trying to recapture her former glory.


from the Tapestry site…….we sincerely agree

This unfortunate aspect is supported by Mars conjunct Transpluto in the second house where she was probably spending a lot to make FV a name, gambling on its success.  When it did not pan out, her Mercury in the eighth house conjunct the Dragon’s Tail led to nihilist thoughts that she could not escape as it was sextile her mid-heaven opposite ever watchful Vesta.  This would give her a feeling that everyone noticed her failures and now with her Moon in the sixth house she probably felt her career was “over.”  Without that sense of identity, remembering that her natal Mars sits in that position, Mrs. Spade came up empty,  for who was she beyond Bea’s mother?   In retrospect the sale to Coach (now Tapestry) was a big mistake.



That's a shot of my late Mum (d. 7-10-2009), Theoni. Zoe sas.

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