Trump meets Kim: June 12 2018 in Singapore

                                                 First the reigning yod

Following the method for other Jupiter cycles, the last one started on June 6, 2010.   The yod for this chart is rather collapsed (see below) and the head is right on the twelfth house cusp of large institutions and hidden enemies.  That’s a double edged sword, with the left rallying behind President Obama and his policies, Affordable Care Act and various other initiatives while the right arguing that this creates a bureaucracy unwieldy & too removed from public  — hence the 2016 Presidential election push-back.

12h yod.png

The next cycle is no better and requires transneptunians to pull off a yod as the head is found at Juno (treaty) in the fourth house of domestic policy.  Obviously this hints at how far can you go in either direction and with Jupiter sextile Saturn  (line of social significance)  making the arms of the yod, it seems some people feel never far enough.


Jump forward to the meeting


The meeting poses its own set of problems.

First there is a fixed grand square better known as the Cosmic Cross.  This cross poses severe constraints on the meeting, nothing new will be discussed, it will be merely ceremonial — a meet and greet –and no barbed comments from either side.  This is supported by Jupiter in Virgo that is is in its detriment as Jupiter rules Pisces, which is sign opposite Virgo and suggests since it is in the fourth house that both parties are playing to the home base.


Second the Ascendant of Cancer 18 is conjunct Asteroid Lie (no explanation needed here) at 19 Cancer.  This tells us that the major reason for the meeting is what each party can get from the other, but it is opposite Pluto at 20 Capricorn at the seventh house cusp telling us that while everyone wants this meeting to transcend time and space creating a new harmonious Korea, that is not in the offering particularly as the opposite goes straight to the Midheaven — or what the meeting is about. Basically these set of issues suggest that while one “war” is officially over, there is no guarantee about another either trade or military.

Thus is life of politics. Whether nations or men.


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