jupiter 1797


This Jupiter cycle, chosen because it is the one that ushers in the 19th century, and all of the Jones 1000 falls within the 19th and 20th centuries.  It starts offs on a rather militaristic note. Mars is in the tenth house and it is the point focus of an opposition between Pluto that is out of the picture, and will be for another 130 years, and Uranus that was just discovered by William Herschel.  Nonetheless, we see that ill tempers will dominate this epoch, diplomacy will be ignored and sides will be taken.  It’s degree of 25 Leo according to 20th Century astrologer, Dr. Henry Gordon “unable to handle strain.” Perhaps.

The Part of Fortune  suggests one whose own “inability to comprehend  the laws of nature, lead to their downfall,”  and over the next hundred years we will see that pattern repeat itself despite Jupiters moving about.  Perhaps the adage, so goes the year goes the century has something to it?

(Undiscovered planets are in psychedelic chartreuse for their modernity.)



President John Adams

John Adams became the 2nd President of the United States just a month earlier — on March 4th — but the man of the hour was Napoleon Bonaparte of France and not the former vice-president of Massachusetts. In just sixteen days after the start of this cycle, Bonaparte would sign the famous Treaty Leoben and begin his ascent to power. Timing is everything.

General Bonaparte


Sir William Herschel



The luminaries are sextile each other in the eighth and tenth houses, but the eighth house gets extra emphasis from Mercury, Venus and Jupiter being there too. The Moon’s  only true ally is the new born  Jupiter, but at Gemini 07, Luna is akin to a “Vegas slot machine” or perhaps to be in tune with the time a Lenormand deck of cards telling fortunes while Jupiter is equally undecipherable with the symbol of an “occult signet ring.”  The eighth house holding the old and new in its creative powers looks like the key but it is not aspect anything so we need to probe further.

The Ascendant in Leo is opposite Pluto in Aquarius  and they are both square to the Moon  reminding us that symbols may deceive us and personal vanity makes us read the happiest of notes in this discordant tale.

Let’s try again.  This time we will use teenaged Uranus and not yet born Neptune — they are sextile — and get a yod to the eighth house and the Arian Sun at 13 and realize we are onto something big.    This  gets the Hyperion Symbol  (we love them btw) of Amazons hunting and a keyword of “swiftness” and realize whatever we are looking at right now,  will change, soon and fast.   Narrowing our sights, all this circular logic leads us to  back to the Ascendant at 24 Leo and the symbol of “8:01” with the keyword “timing.”  He was like the devil to find, but we know all along it was him.



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