Jupiter Cycle 1797

jupiter 1797This cycle, chosen because it is the one that ushers in the 19th century, and all of the Jones 1000 falls within the 19th and 20th centuries, starts offs on a rather militaristic note. Mars is in the tenth house and while Neptune opposes it from the third, the watery planet is not yet known, and will not be for at least another 35 years, so it has little affect on the chart. (Undiscovered planets are in psychedelic chartreuse for their modernity.)

Pluto too is out of the picture for an extra hundred years, looming in the seventh house opposite Jupiter cycle inception of 25 Leo and the Fixed Star Regulus. Dr. Henry Gordon comments that his degree is “unable to handle strain.” Perhaps so.  The Part of Fortune here suggests one whose own “inability to comprehend  the laws of nature, lead to their downfall,”  and over the next twelve years that could be a myriad of characters, events.


President John Adams

John Adams became the 2nd President of the United States just a month earlier — on March 4th — but the man of the hour was Napoleon Bonaparte of France and not the former vice-president of Massachusetts. In just sixteen days after the start of this cycle, Bonaparte would sign the famous Treaty Leoben and begin his ascent to power. Timing is everything.

General Bonaparte

Planetary wise, we have, with the eight known planets, Sir William Herschel spotted Uranus on Mar 13, 1781, and so the latest edition is just sweet sixteen. Uranus makes a handle in the first house with its bundle flying high in the southern hemisphere. It could have been a bowl, but Uranus was not very obliging and is just too far from the pack. That makes sense as she is a freedom loving spirit, and here square dour Saturn, suggests that this cycle will  try to put the kibosh on all newly created thoughts and nations that have erupted, as Saturn in the eleventh tries to return things to status quo.


Sir William Herschel

The luminaries are sextile each other in the eighth and tenth houses, but the eighth house gets extra emphasis from Mercury, Venus and Jupiter there too. The Moon;s only true ally is the new born  Jupiter, but at Gemini 07 Luna repeats the problem poetically as “old fashioned yielding the purest and coldest of waters stands near a shade of tree” but does it stand a chance against the ascendant’s “strange figure unprepossessing, untidy, and unkempt but a yogi of transcendental powers”?

If we heed Uranus, we think not,because that wild and crazy guy has gotten toned down by having to be so practical at Virgo though he’s still “a bizarre fellow earnestly painting a futuristic vision that is unintelligible but to a few.” Trust us on this one, that will change.


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