some SOTA — that is State of the Art –News on the October 22nd Astrology Conference

SOTA or the State-of-the Art of Astrology is held yearly in Cheektowaga, New York, a suburb of Buffalo.  You can read there by car, airplane, bus or Amtrak, so make your reservations now for the best price all around.  The hotel it is booked at is the Millenium Hotel — tell them to you are attending SOTA for whatever discount they are giving.

This is the latest news from Donna van Toen on the SOTA activities.  More information is at her website.


Chiron: Learning to Fall

Chiron is well-known as the “Wounded Healer.” In this we recognize that his (our) wound is a lifelong condition. How can we come to understand our perpetual woundedness (our various pathologies, failures, defects) as the necessary compost to spur our psychospiritual growth and help shape who we are, and how can psychological astrology help?

This should be very interesting for those of you interested in Chiron and psychological astrology. But don’t expect Brad to give you an excuse to keep from growing. In fact, if you know him, then you already know better. That said, this will be an interesting lecture. Just don’t expect to come out of it with a brand-new crutch… Brad has also organized a panel for Saturday called Confessions of Failure. We all fail, but many of us don’t admit to these failures. And really, it might be good to discuss them. Here’s the blurb:

Confessions of Failure –

This presentation provides an opportunity for panelists and participants alike to share some predictive failures we’ve experienced in our practice. Whether it was with a client prediction (career, health, marriage, financial.), times of election, or horary considerations, what were the consequences of this mistake?  Come and share your concerns and experiences. We’re all human, and we all fail sometimes. Brad will be joined by Wade Caves, Kelly Surtees, and William Stickevers. If these people can admit to failed predictions and loves to talk about them, surely you can too!

Now onto a completely different speaker let’s look at Gabriel Rosas. If I were to give an Irregulars Award for most cryptic titles, Gabe would win it hands down! Last year he had us on a boat, and it took me a good 6 months to figure out what that boat thing was all about. This year he wants to talk about Five Kinds of Something. Something what? Well its traditional dignities, can you believe?

5 Kinds of Something

The traditional zodiacal dignities (domicile, exaltation, triplicity, term, and face) are often taken as a vague collection of “rulerships”, all the same except in degree. But they are distinct modes of being, encoding specific inter-planetary relationships and guiding, or directing, the planets’ behaviors in distinct and meaningful ways.

So, as you can tell, Gabe is a traditional astrologer and one who is respected by his peers. However, this material is not only of value for traditional astrologers, it can give you modern astrologers a better understanding of rulership, exaltation, detriment, and fall that are rarely explained in modern astrology. So, don’t be afraid of this lecture, even if you’re not a traditional astrologer. You might learn something!

Love Donna van Toen