Gary Busey is Back to the Future

Gary Busey playing Biff in Back to the Future is rather satirical, as he had a near death experience when he crashed a guard rail back in 1988. It made headline because he refused to wear a helmet and during the surgery to sew his head back together, the actor died on the operating table.

Gary, born William Gareth Jacob Busey, won an Academy award for fellow Texan, Buddy Holley, another irony as Busey started out as a drummer in a country-western band and played for Leon Russell, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

gary busey

He is a bundle temperament type, though it is hard to tell because his tenth house is crowded with a preponderance of planets in Cancer, making Saturn at home in the tenth, ill-dignified because Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer and highlighting his unsettled family life: Busey has three children from three different women, only two of which he married, but he is an incurable romantic.


The Uranus on the tenth house cusp shows that he is versatile, and the Midheaven at 16.20 tells of his musical talent. Mars in the twelfth does tell of crashes against metal, and indeed he struck a metal guardrail, and since it is conjunct Jupiter gave him the great luck to outlive the incident. Inked2018-06-28_21-06-28_LI

Looking at the bi-wheel of the two charts we can easily see the accident. A Cosmic Cross dominates, the first from the Ascendant in Virgo to his protective Dragon’s head in the sixth (health and surgery). The second part is from Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct the Sun, probably going too far, opposite the Midheaven and Uranus – an unexpected turn, or his reflexes were not as good as he thought.  This chart suggests Busey was motoring while intoxicated so his reflexes were slowed and his judgement impaired. There is an extra support for this from the opposition of the the Moon in Libra to Mars in Aries.

gary as biff

                     Busey’s Lines

  1. Line of Vitality is squared, showing Busey is an adrenaline junkie.
  2. Line of Efficiency is missing telling us Busey does not plan his life, he just falls into it.  As the majority of his planets are int he Southwestern portion of his map, while Busey tries to manage his life, he is poor at it, and usually ends up letting others do it to his detriment.  The Moon in Libra, the end of the Bundle, tells us he is a poor financial manager also.
  3. Line of  Motivation is semi-sextile suggesting that Busey needs a lot of encouragement to make changes in his life.  Another with this aspect is Herr Goebbels surprisingly.
  4. Line of Self-Determination is missing showing his disinterest in social issues.
    1. Tally two out out of four despite being a close knit bundle.