This week in Olympia, via Stanwood, 7/30-8/4

This week we land in Olympia the Capitol of Washington and 118 miles from where Marc & Priscilla Jones lived -- he loved the state. Our header shot is from an antique photograph of his favorite place rain or shine, Stanwood, Washington. As for our chart, it squeals Vacation.  From the Sun trine Moon where we … Continue reading This week in Olympia, via Stanwood, 7/30-8/4


Ten words of Power by Jones & McClung

This is a compilation of Marc Jones thoughts from his Occult Philosophy beautifully arranged by Elizabeth McClung -- her husband is the creative artist behind the Hyperion Symbols.   Dip your toes into the Ten Words and become introduced to Marc Jones' underpinnings of his astrological mind.  You can buy a copy here. While that particular … Continue reading Ten words of Power by Jones & McClung

This week in & around Philadelphia 7/16-7/21

Last time we were in Philadelphia was a year and half ago for St. Patricks, and while we are not finished with the Big Fifty,  we are going to a conference in Delaware, so we are stopping by for a patriotic visit. Wednesday, July 18 We start off, not in Philadelphia, but nearby Claymont Delaware. … Continue reading This week in & around Philadelphia 7/16-7/21

#758 Eugene Gladstone O’Neill playwright

The Prelude: Eugene O'Neill was a famous American playwright and father in law to Charlie Chaplin via the latter's last wife Oona O'Neill. His father was a famous stage actor, James O'Neill, who met his mother, Mary Ellen (Ella) Quinlan, while travelling on tour through Ohio, though they had resettled there from New London, Connecticut … Continue reading #758 Eugene Gladstone O’Neill playwright

#333 Max Baer, sr. the Livermore Larruper

Max Baer, born Maximilian Adalbert Baer,  is a well known American boxer, cemented into popular culture through his son, Max Baer, jr of Beverly Hillbillies fame where he played Jethro Bodine.  With the death of Ellie May, Donna Douglas, Baer fils, is the latest surviving member of the cast. Marc Jones just notes CST … Continue reading #333 Max Baer, sr. the Livermore Larruper

#829 Max Schmeling the Black Uhlan of the Rhine

Marc Jones has Schmeling at a standard unknown time with no place, so we put in the Prenzlau location from  This chart is what we got. This is the time that has for Schmeling 10:50 am.  The hour does not change Schmeling much, but it is a rectified time -- which we prefer … Continue reading #829 Max Schmeling the Black Uhlan of the Rhine

Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

Basically this chart is a bundle with an Uranian handle in the sixth house.  Uranus is also the only retrograde planet in the chart.  The asteroid chart is supplied above and has an interesting aspect between asteroid Li and Venus suggesting that the legislators were quite aware that this would not work. The ascendant is … Continue reading Prohibition Starts midnight 6-30-1919

#292 Vernon California, Boxing & Jack Doyle

The city of Vernon is best known today for its meatpacking plants and slaughterhouses, but nearly a century ago vied with Madison Square Garden for the title of "Boxing Capital of the World." In his Vernon Arena, promoter Jack Doyle staged 20-round world championship fights and, between bouts, allowed the sporting set to refresh itself … Continue reading #292 Vernon California, Boxing & Jack Doyle

#297 Danny Cox heavyweight boxer

There are a few issues with Jones's notation on Danny Cox. First he has him born in Washington DC while Boxing Rec NYC. We went with Boxing Rec, and suspect that Mr. Cox was born in Hell's Kitchen near Times Square. We do have the Jones chart as stated in his book nonetheless but in … Continue reading #297 Danny Cox heavyweight boxer

#3 Georgie Freedom Abrams

George Abrams was born on the first Freedom Day -- 11-11-18- in Roanoke VA t 11 am to an orthodox Jewish family. he nearly became middleweight champion of the world but lost to Tony Zale. He was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota New York, 2005, a trip we heartily recommend for … Continue reading #3 Georgie Freedom Abrams