The Helena chart is deceptive.  Things look peaceful but Transpluto next to Jupiter in the second are showing the strains of debt and the high cost of going away.  The big holiday plans are have been scaled back, and instead talk is taking the turn of “quiet moments” in the park like the current Japanese rage of forest bathing  or shinrin-yoku (森林浴).

helena montana

There are a lot of septiles in this weekly chart, of the seventh harmonic with the two important ones Jupiter septile Saturn, suggesting  a creative need pushing at one’s psyche, while the other Uranus septile the Midheaven giving you the nagging headache that your career is not fulfilling those longings.  This maybe time to brush off the guitar, take out the paint and do something that is self-fulfilling.  With all those quintiles and noviles running about, just swimming and sunbathing is not going to cut it.

Aspects this week

Monday, July 9th

The Moon in luxurious Taurus  until 12:58 PM EDT, when it enters talkative Gemini. Mercury forms a square to Jupiter this morning and Venus enters Virgo at 22:03 EDT or 20:03 MT for Helena, and stays there until August 6th.   The day ends with the Moon is void from 12:10 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs being a square to Venus  — the day ends with questions unasked and thus unanswered.

venus ingress.png
The Venus ingress into Virgo shown at GMT time.

Tuesday, July 10th

Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio at 13.21.  The Symbol is the Magi searching for the Star with the underlying theme being that poetry is the portal of the collective soul.


Wednesday, July 11th

All clear.

Thursday, July 12th,

New Moon in Cancer.  Sun in Cancer and a partial solar eclipse at 10:48 PM EDT.  The symbol here is  the Alpha Star in the Southern Cross highlighting the theme of magic.



Friday, July 13th.

Moon is square Uranus.      Uneasy feelings abound and that may not because of Triskaidekaphobia  — fear of the number 13.

Triskaidekaphobia comic.jpg

Saturday, July 14th.

  • Moon is opposite Mars and square Jupiter but conjunct Mercury.

Sunday, July 15th.

  • Moon square Uranus but trine Saturn.

Monday, July 16th

  • All clear.  Moon in Virgo, Venus is already there.