This chart is a Moon Bucket. Again the eighth house is heavily planetted, this time with Venus suggesting children as victims. The cause seems to be in the fourth house where Mars and Saturn are conjunct. Pluto is not part of the actual debacle but close by hugging the fifth house of offspring and trine Virgo giving us some indication of the terror and pathos that occurred.

Where is Komerovo?  Look at the red block.  The circles are the nearby countries.

The moon in Cancer is opposite Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto making everything strong and powerful. The eighth house also has Uranus in Aries next to Venus and suggests that more likely than that the children had a lighter, a father was smoking and it was knocked from his hand and he was careless in retrieving it, so that is the start of the fire, but why couldn’t anyone get out?  Seems that the PA system was off and the exits were blocked.  The governor was forced to resign in the aftermath.