Our header image is of Kilauea’s latest eruption in May 2018 that has mainly only affected homes and land, but in 1790 scores of people were killed by an explosive eruption.  Research suggests that most of the 1790  fatalities were caused by hot, rapidly moving surges of volcanic debris and steam that engulfed the victims. Deposits of such surges occur on the surface on the west summit area and cover an ash bed indented with human footprints,  made by warriors and their families, appear along a major trail in use at the time. Today, the area is one of the most visited parts of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The current May 2018 chart.  A bucket with a moon handle in the sixth house.

The 1790 eruption of Kilauea was produced a flow of lava that was explosive & hazardous; the 1790 fatalities bear witness to this fact.They are also terrifying while nonexplosive lava flows are not hazardous to life but instead are destructive to property. Kilauea has both types of eruptions, but never simultaneously.

There was another small explosion in 1924 and, another six years ago.  The latter was trivial.  – November 10, 2014 Science Daily

                    Some Astrological highlights

Neptune is in the first house showing that this is the inherent makeup of the volcano:  to erupt.  It is sextile Pluto in the eleventh making a yod to the Moon handle in the sixth underlying the fear to property and livelihood.

The Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been setting off small earthquakes, creating gas-emitting fissures and releasing flows of lava this month that have destroyed dozens of homes and forced the evacuation of at least 2,000 people. — New York Times, May 2018.

Jupiter in the second indicates that there is has a natural abundance of molten earth at its disposal probably because volcanoes exhume the magma from the upper levels outwards removing the earthen support above..  Here at Capricorn 01  Jupiter tells us that Kilauea is also far from dormant and will continue eating away at the ground around it because of the square to the Moon in the sixth.   The chart itself is a rimless bowl that supports that it is both active and untrammeled.

The yod has its head in the twelfth house of Virgo points to the underground, hidden, activity of Kilauea.  As of last week, Kilauea has entered its eighth week of eruption.