Last time we were in Philadelphia was a year and half ago for St. Patricks, and while we are not finished with the Big Fifty,  we are going to a conference in Delaware, so we are stopping by for a patriotic visit.


Wednesday, July 18

We start off, not in Philadelphia, but nearby Claymont Delaware. We wake up to a a Grand Water Trine in Cancer – Pisces – Scorpio. A nice feeling of seeing friends and bonding. There are two oppositions : the first, the Sun to Mars suggests that the Group Dynamic is working hard to get there and be  filled with the spirit of brotherly love.

The second from Venus to Neptune is odd because they are astrologically united, Neptune being the higher octave of Venus, but it is Neptune that is in the earth sign and acquisitive Venus in water.   It would that this fixedity is making us too protective of our position in the group while ignoring the need be forcefully creative.  There are few conjunctions, so there is a tendency to say Splash, but we are going with Locomotive because it’s a more than square between Uranus and the Sun suggesting that traffic will be a bear.


Thursday, July 19th

Not in Philly nor Claymont but visiting nearby Wilmington, the capital of the first state. Our locomotive is still on track and the Venus-Neptune tension grows. Neptune in the Seventh tells us that we are too dependent upon what other people are saying  and not as Uranus would want our Higher Selves — we sense the discordance.

Pluto is being diplomatic  in the fifth house with Saturn in its own Lord, Capricorn, trying to get us organized, but Vesta conjunct in Sagittarius won’t have it.  Venus  12 Virgo gets the Hyperion symbol of  openness and that an open invitation to all to watch the inner workings is a good thing but that means according to the Ascendant of 04 Virgo that we must be ready to deal with the phones ringing and constant demands.

Are we up to the task?  Juno in the ninth house at Taurus 09 answers, sometimes even dolphins go to school to learn new tricks, but that returns us to Uranus to which it is conjunct & reminds us of Aesop’s tale of the grasshopper and luxuriantly in the summer sun.  It seems we should not get our hopes up.


Friday, July 20th


By golly, it’s Philadelphia. We are on the last legs of Cancer now and opposite Pluto; tension is mounting as Uranus holds steady as part of the T-Square calling us to be true…but Chiron in the eighth at 03 Aries is jittery about that and we return to our earlier image of wanting brotherly love but not at the cost of personal integrity.

Saturn is holding firm & the Locomotive is beginning to look more like a Splash as things get diffuse.  Neptune Pisces 16 is getting closer to Venus Virgo 12 and the looming question is whether the surrender to circumstance is in swallowing our pride.  Going along to get along is taking the day and Jupiter and the moon in the third humbly agree. Vesta in the fourth and just semisextile those two tell us whatever we are getting angry about is our problem — no one agrees.


Saturday, July 21st.

We go south to Glen Mills, Pennsylvania that is nearby just on the edge of the state teetering towards Delaware.   We have friends here and as Cancer is at 29 suggesting immediacy as in friends talking freely to one another without some high priest intervening and shouting protocol.

Juno is nearing Uranus and there are more questions than perhaps we have answers.  Or is that we are unwilling to share them?   Jupiter and the Moon are opposite in the Third suggesting the latter, &  Mars in the sixth is making for a sticky wicket for it seems not.

We have no Cosmic Cross just Pallas is opposite her brother Ares (Mars) and we sense sides are being taken but that could be transitory.  The day drags on…and we turn to the Ascendant at 06 Virgo and the Hyperion message is that “love conquers all”  including fears and worries, but what if we sense no love?  The part of fortune at 03 Aquarius answers if we gather our forces and control our fears  Yes we Can and in between Pluto and Mars & we believe it.

cape may sunday

Sunday, July 22nd Cape May, Jersey.

Why not, we’re close enough and  now we are fully a Splash type  so let’s hit the beach.  Our ascendant is at 13 Libra and we feel in tune.  “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together See how they run like pigs from a gun, See how they fly, I’m crying¹.”   It is wonderful to part on this note because only God knows when we will meet again , Romeo & Juliet Act 4 — — William Shakespeare.

Back on course, next week…… Seattle.  C’ya there.johngreenleafwhittier1-2x


  1. I am the Walrus, Lennon and McCartney c. 1968.
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