See this article concerning the eclipse, the times used in the foregoing charts are from it.  This is the end of the eclipse in London

london 2018 moon.jpg

This is the height of the eclipse in Sydney Australiaaustralia blood moon

Certain things can be noted in these two charts, foremost is that tensions are running high as a lot of uncertainty is in the air. Why that should be is odd as there is neither a major depression or war at hand, but with so many planets in a retrograde position, it would seem people are waiting for the other shoe to drop. The luminaries cannot go retrograde, so we have 6 out of 8 planets in that position or roughly 75%. When this occurs, there is a tendency for people to be more inward seeking than usual, and this of all times during the exuberance of Leo.

The eclipse — Blood Moon — in Athens at the Parthenon

This may because of the high amount of southern hemisphere planets in the chart and a concern of going back to school, or resuming studies, particularly as Saturn is in the tenth house of dreams and aspirations but be careful that if you see a way to leapfrog education and hard work by making a sudden splash at someone else’s expense – when the planets right themselves, it will backfire particularly as Mercury in the fifth is our focal determinator.


Mercury is also retrograde and suggests that opportunities that present themselves now, and until the next eclipse, are red herrings, and so should be happily ignored.


C’ya in Vegas.