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I caught the musical biography of Marin Marais, (baptized March 31, 1656, Paris—died Aug. 15, 1728, Paris), the French composer & virtuoso of the viola da gamba (a musical instrument similar to the cello), in the French movie Tous les matins du monde (1991; “All the Mornings of the World” directed by Alain Corneau) where Depardieu fils plays the younger Marais and Depardieu père plays the elder.   Watching it, I wondered what happened to Depardieu fils; I looked up his chart.  He died October 13, 2008 from virulent pneumonia after many years of battling disease, and heroin and alcohol addictions.

gillaume depardieu natal.png

                                  Guillaume’s Natal

Guillaume accused his father of being a money-obsessed alcoholic was absent from his childhood. The effect of Gerard on his chart is compelling and shows up as Aries 16, an untrammeled egoist semisextile Saturn showing the father’s unfortunate influence on the son as harsh, cold and overbearing and as it hovers on the twelfth house, remote.    Guillaume’s Saturn at 21 Taurus is square his Dragon’s Tail at Leo 21 in the second house highlighting the son’s aping of his father’s addictions but also searching for love and money via sex.


His heroin usage was unfortunate, as it compromised his already tricky immune system that  Neptune in the sixth in Sagittarius, had undermined, and encouraged the watery sphere to bestow him with  hard to cure viral diseases.  Neptune is conjunct Jupiter giving him a love of speed & recklessness, and opposite Saturn, suggests that these antics were a way of attracting his father’s attention, but  also point that  while he was high on something he suffered a motorcycle crash in 1995.  That led to another stroke of bad luck that resulted in 17 operations to stem a gangrenous infection but  failed.

When he died in October 2008 his father agents referred to Guillaume’s viral pneumonia as “lightning quick”–see the slow going but crisis laden Pluto trine his natal fast moving Moon. Guillaume was a Splash temperament type, a setup that works well for an actor as they must be very attuned to human idiosyncrasies.  With his Sun in the tenth, he was much taken by his father’s career and wanted to follow it.

Guillaume Depardieu around 35.

When he died, from a bout of virulent pneumonia, his father agents referred to Guillaume’s illness as “lightning quick”.    Pére was obviously referring to the slow Pluto transit at the seventh house cusp trine fils natal faster moving Moon in the third that led to the lethal crisis.

As a Splash temperament type, Guillaume was a natural for acting, as it  attunes its natives to human idiosyncrasies.  Abetted by his Sun in the career tenth, Guillaume would seem to have been much taken by his father’s career and wanted to follow it.


gilluame depardieu natal and death.png

Much was written that son and father reconciled at the end. The transiting Sun in the fourth conjunct Mercury 07.56 opposite Guillaume’s natal Sun and conjunct his natal Mercury in the eleventh does not support that.  His obit from the Guardian is here.


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