I don’t know if 29 Gemini is his ascendant, but putting together all the various dates out there on his marriage, schooling and current legal problem it seems to work. The red transit outer chart is for today, August 18th  as the jury is hung and cannot come to a decision.  Also, the place is wrong as the trial is being held in Warsaw, Virginia not in Fairfax outside of DC.

                                                The Russian Connection

The chart lays out as a Control Freak Locomotive – everything but the west side is filled and while Marc Jones says does not specifically name the western side as he does the east but we found it to be similar to an opportunistic style towards life as he states here in How to Learn Astrology.

The seventh house,represents a focus on relationships, a situation where it is necessary to defer to  or work with others. This  is a “partnership”,  in one form or another and as consequence the  seventh house rules marriage, and all other coresponsible working arrangements in life, even to sharp competition and open conflict, all of which fall under the general heading of opportunity.

In his radix chart below, the asteroid RUS for Russia appears showing that this is part of his business relationships. Rus is semisextile the asteroid Melpomene which is in turn trine the asteroid (not the TNP) Poseidon in Pisces suggesting  that despite his great desire to keep his business dealings secret he will fail there and as Pos is conjunct Achilles, this will lead to his fall from grace.

I do not know what Manafort legal specialty was, not one site mentions it.  He was born in New Britain, a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut on April 1 1949.  His mother is of Italian descent and his father French.    All records show that they were also born in America.  He attended law school at Georgetown where he met his wife, also a lawyer.  They live in Virginia and have two grown daughters.

                      What is the truth?

This court case is on taxes, and whether or not he paid them.  It is a rather abstruse topic considering how large the tax system is,  73,954 pages as of 2014 and running., and that is just for the personal side.  To see how that works in Manafort’s chart, we find Jupiter (or the mob) conjunct transiting Mars in Capricorn i.e. the Judge trying to take hold of the trial but he is  overwhelmed by the external events via the squaring of the Moon (outright fear from the threats) and are worried about personal vituperations because of their work here.


With the Moon square Pluto, the truth, or Marc Jones’s keyword for Pluto probity, is on dicey ground conjunct transiting Mercury both in the third and we feel a hung jury i.e.:   the jury’s  verdict will not be unanimous, the asteroid Justice conjunct this pairing rather assures us we are on the right track.  Here the Judge gets the call as to whether to call for a mistrial or make them go back and try again.  If there is still no unanimous decision, a mistrial is called and then at some later date and time another trial with another set of jurors occurs — all at Virginia taxpayer expense.  You can read more about mistrials at the Bar Association site,



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