Lizzie Borden took an Axe

Netflix has a series on Lizzie Borden starring Christina Ricci, best known for playing Wednesday in the television show, the Addams Family.


The Netflix show deals with the the infamous Lizzie and the gruesome murder of her father & stepmother in Summer of 1892 that inspired the famous ditty:

  •                     Lizzie borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks
  •                      when she saw what she had done
  •                     She gave her father 41.


We have rectified Lizzie’s chart an hour earlier than the popular 9:46 AM — EST did not come into effect until World War I.  We then rectified the chart of her step mother’s murder to 9:07 AM on August 4, 1892 that does fit into the window of reported testimony i.e. her father was out of the house since early morning and did not return until 10 am.

                                The Murders


At the time of the murder, Lizzie has an Air Grand Trine in her chart, from the Ascendant at Libra 03.18 to Mars in the fifth at 12.11 in Aquarius and then Neptune in Gemini 10.53 in the ninth.  The rest of her planets are rather split evenly amongst the various elements but her quadratures show a strong mutable basis suggesting that she was influenced more by the people in her environment than anything else and had a problem working with them particularly when it concerned dealing with her father.

Saturn the ruler of her tenth house is square it and then conjunct her ascendant, but we are not using it in the Grand Trine because it would make it out of quadrature.  If we did, we would then more visibly see that there was a lot of thinking, planning and idle rumination about her  relationship to her father and a worry of how would effect her status after his death.

Instead using the Grand Air Trine, gives her a certain momentous imperative to her thoughts, making her feel that she had to do something to protect her self-interest i.e. the Ascendant sextile her Sun.

lizzie nn

Her strongest square is from Mercury to Pluto and then from Mercury  to Neptune & Saturn , that latter which is associated with a strong imagination concerning perceived sleights and insults & shows up in violent outbursts  against established (in this case patriarchal) control.  Lizzie’s square from Venus to Saturn, though with quite a wide orb,  tends to encourage her love towards her sister Emma, and desire to protect her as an aspect of herself, against their father.

                            Did Lizzie do it?

The chart above is transit of the first murder (rectified) to Lizzie’s birth chart (also rectified).  Transiting Saturn is exact to Lizzie’s  part of fortune, or the inner motives of her nativity of 26.42 Virgo that has the symbol of fishes swimming in a deep blue sea that suggests performance art.  According to McClung this is when the “execution of a deed” long thought and rehearsed is finally performed.  Saturn is also square her transiting Moon,  that feeds into the previously discussed squares giving her emotional conviction.

And so yes, it is our astrological opinion, Lizzie did the evil deeds.  If you have questions or other opinions, please let us know.  Here is a site that has a lot of forensic information about the crime.



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