Cave-in, Larksville PA 1922

The history of the event

We have highlighted another cave-in around the Northeastern Pennsylvania area that was a large mining district because of its hard firing, cleaning-burning coal:  the best coal ever discovered throughout the world.  This one, in 1922 in nearby Larksville, destroyed a high school on August 24, 1922.  There are no casualties mentioned and while school does start earlier in Pennsylvania than most states, before Labour Day, that is usually the last week of August, or a week after the accident.

larksville map.png

The T-Square from Uranus opposing Mercury show the suddenness of the event. but the houses are key here.  First we have a preponderance of planets in earthy Virgo, making the tenth house of “dreams and aspirations” they keystone of the chart.  Virgo is the ruler both the month of August and hidden earth works both of which work well here, as the even happened not only during the rulership of Virgo but in the month of August; the piers that collapsed were underground that supported the structure.  Another thing that could be implicated here are the “inspectors” that viewed the woodwork — they too are ruled by Virgo — thus with Virgo afflicted by Uranus in Pisces in the hidden northern hemisphere,  the idea  that the inspectors did shoddy work takes hold.


Mars typically in the first house suggests according to Martha Lang Westcott, a traumatic event that leaves scars; Alan Leo simply says that this position gives a scar to the face.  The point focus of Uranus opposing Mercury (chosen because it is the closest opposition, all others are translations of light) is at Mars 20.18 Sagittarius in the first house.  This aspect highlights that the cave-in will mark the land but not swallow it whole, leaving remnants or scars above.  Sagittarius rules schools  & traveling and is trine the underground god Neptune at Leo 16.16 that rules earthquakes and earth ruptures.  It is also semisextile Saturn, the ruler of caves and underground earthworks, in Libra highlighting that the piers were not sound.  Saturn is then sextile Neptune showing that it will earth not water that will be at the root.

larksville cave in

Here is the article on the accident from the Wilkes Barre Sunday Independent, August 27, 1922.  The paper is now defunct.