#377 Janet Gaynor, first Oscar Best Actress Award Winner

Janet Gaynor was just twenty-two when she became the first person to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Honored for her memorable performances in three dramatic films—Sunrise (1927), Seventh Heaven (1927), and Street Angel (1928)—Gaynor was the only actress ever to earn the Oscar for multiple roles rather than for work in a single film.

Janet, Frederic March and Adolph Menjou in the 1937 classic A Star is Born.

She was one  of the few stars to make the successful transition from silent films to “talkies,”  with  Sunny Side Up and maintained her standing as a major Hollywood star throughout the 1930s. Her Oscar-nominated performance in the 1937 version of A Star Is Born was the high point of her movie career, and she was still at the top of her profession when she retired two years later, after marrying MGM’s director of costume design, #11 Gilbert Adrian.

Miss Gaynor is a See-Saw Temperament type, the split probably representing her public persona that was discordant with her private life.  Her ascendant for October 6, 1906 is 16 Virgo.

janet gaynor.png

Her Mars closely conjunct to her Ascendant shows her strong personality.  Opposite Saturn in the sixth, shows she was a steely eyed ambitious woman and with a point focus of the moon learned early how to portray herself as a sweet harmless ingenue for her personal gain.  Her Neptune conjunct her Jupiter in the tenth highlights her fondness for animals and Jupiter opposite Uranus in the fourth her ability to break cultural boundaries with aplomb.

Gloria Swanson, the great love of Joseph P. Kennedy, father of JFK, said that it was watching Janet Gaynor on the silver screen that made her want to go to Hollywood.