Myra Kingsley on Astrology

This blurb comes from a newspaper in 1978 that excerpted Kingsley’s quote on astrology.  It says, that astrology is a “learned superstition, which up to moderns times has exercised over Europe and Asia, a wider dominion than any religion has ever achieved.”  I found that to be an odd quote from a woman who made a living exercising it.

Couldn’t find the name of newspaper that printed this.

Well I right.  I got ahold of her book, Outrageous Fortune, and sure enough on page nine she says:

Astrology is neither witchcraft nor necromancy.  Not is it tainted by superstition.  Rather, astrology is a working force, a magnetism, a vibration or perhaps a ray, by which human lives are intensified, modified and controlled.  Astrologers work with vital cosmic laws, and imperfect understanding of these laws does not make them inapplicable.  Astrologers deal with the time element and sometimes I feel that the analysis of time values in human life is the most important contribution we have made to progress and end of human existence.

Granted that we may not know why a thing happens, or exactly how it happens, but by mastering the time factor as revealed in your chart, we can tell you when it will happen.


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