Wikipedia who speaks with authority, says she was born in Savannah and raised in Bainbridge. Jones has her born in Bainbridge. I doubt the distance matters. She has no real preponderance in her chart and it is rather scattered about, perfect for a Splash. Mercury and the Sun in the twelfth in Libra give her refined tastes and a tendency to work in large organizations, behind the scenes.

st john episcopal.jpg

St John’s Episcopal in Bainbridge

Ellen Miriam Hopkins was born October 18, 1902 and died October 9, 1972. Where ever she born, her parents were Homer and Ellen Hopkins nee Cutler. She was raised in Bainbridge, near the Alabama border. She had an older sister, Ruby (1900-1990). Her maternal great-grandfather was the fourth mayor of Bainbridge, and helped establish St. John’s Episcopal Church there.

When her parents separated, Hopkins moved  with her mother to Syracuse, New York, to be near her uncle, Thomas Cramer Hopkins, head of the Geology Department at Syracuse University.  She originally attended Goddard Seminary in Barre, Vermont (later Goddard College,Plainfield,Vermont) and then transferred to Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.


Sometime after that, she signed with Paramount Pictures in 1930, working with director Ernst Lubitsch and fellow actor Joel McCrea.   Not much more is know about her, but this biographer found enough to fill a book.  It is listed that  was married four times all lasting under 2 years and adopted her son, Michael,  in 1932 as a single mother.  He learned that  when he decided to join the Air Force.

“He needed a birth certificate,” said Ellenberger. “Then she was forced to tell him. He said he was shocked about it, but wasn’t really angry. Michael said, ‘What could I do? I was treated well. I had everything I ever wanted.’

After Hopkins died , it came out that because of her strong Southern politics, the FBI investigated her for collusion with the Communist party. Her son Michael helped provide information for that book. 


The time used is what Marc Jones stated in his book  and was adopted by Lois Rodden.  It gives her an 18 Scorpio rising her the Hyperion symbol of “Bees at a sunflower” with the idea of rewards of life are a more than ample counter-weight to the vicissitudes of its being.  It it opposite her Moon and get a point focus of Mars at the midheaven highlighting her all too fierce temper that undermined her career, so we agree, it seems to work.

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