Marc Edmund Jones in his Jones 1000, has Miss Jerritza listed at 7 am that gives her the following chart and 22 Libra rising, “a child giving birds a drink at the fountain.”

marcs maria.png

Jones 1000 time

I do not fully agree with this chart and so rectified her birth time to 10:46 AM and got now a 4 Sagittarius rising (“a small child learning to walk”) for the Czech Soprano.  This degree is about the encouragement of human potential and the universal fellowship it engenders.   Her ascendant is now opposite Pluto at 05 Gemini in the sixth house conjunct Neptune and the Moon highlighting the vocal range of Miss Jerritza’s voice.

The flamboyant soprano was born in Moravia, made her early career primarily in Vienna, where her exceptional beauty, silvery spinto-weight voice and flair for dramatic (not to say sensational) stage action made her a star of the first magnitude. Baptized Mimi Jedlitzková and later calling herself Marie Jedlitzka, she sang a wide repertory and participated in the premieres of several important operas. Her glamorous presence was as welcome at the Metropolitan Opera as it was in Europe and she became a leading artist there in the 1920s………New York times archives

maria jeritza.png

our rectified version with Transpluto and the 4 major asteroids

The chart above, with her rectified timeand TransNeptunian planets, gives her a lot of SemiOctiles (SmiO) that point to a long life and good health.  Her element dispersion is spread out amount all of the four elements but her quadratures or modality as Jones referred to it, is  fixed, showing and the two types give her a goal centered and ambitious outlook.  Chiron is in musical Cancer supporting all the voice planets in the sixth house and showing the affect her musical prowess and style had on transofrming the soprano into the modern theatrical diva.

Her genius for marrying vocal range with presentation is supported by the asteroid (none are shown) of Pandora at 4 Virgo  square Pluto at 4 Gemini and her Ascendant at 04 Sagittarius.  This setup unleashes all the exciting qualities of Pandora’s box, as well as its unfortunate ones, as Miss Jerritza discovered that all her success lead her far from her home and family (as does the asteroids Tantalus promising success just around the corner trine Odysseus, Leo & Sagittarius 29 respectively) but also poor alliances (Chiron sextile at 03 Cancer) for she was married four times and had no children.

Of course the partile between Neptune and the Moon in Gemini is striking at 30 Taurus (a peacock parading on a verdant lawn) suggesting not only perfect pitch, but a kind warm-hearted woman who could portray the composer’s characters with sensitivity and sympathy.  Alas it also shows that she was fickle and tempestuous with a flighty behaviour that has been always been attributed to the operatic diva.


                                                     Moravia the Bohemian Heartland

Jerritza came from Moravia, the traditional region in central Europe that was the center of a major medieval kingdom, Greater Moravia. It has many mythic denotations because it is sheltered from strong winds, hurricanes and wild weather and was a major agricultural center, and was considered for centuries Europe’s heartland.  In the 11th Century it was incorporated into the kingdom of Bohemia, that added to the latter’s cache.  In the 20th century Moravia became part of the modern state of Czechoslovakia and in the 1990’s the Czech Republic. Zooming in thru Google Maps, I could find nothing in her hometown honouring the woman’s achievements.


from Google Maps

                                        Harmonically speaking

I am supplying this chart as well for those wishing to delve into the 90 degree dial aspects of her chart as this one, more than any other shows her professional success and how as a woman she broke many cultural barriers in doing so.

jeritza 16.png

The 16th Harmonic equates with the 90 degree dial


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