Discovery of Jamaica May 1494

Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica on May 5, 1494. The ascendant of 06 Cancer for this 9 am find is a “dark archway with ten logs” highlighting what would become a history of great potential undermined by bondage and fear.

Venus opposes Neptune, out of quadrature no less, highlighting the beauty of the Caribbean island , the idyllic environment but a shady morality –hints of the Rum Triangle yet to come:

  1. New Englanders manufactured and shipped rum to the west coast of Africa in exchange for slaves.
  2. The slaves were taken on the ‘Middle Passage’ to the West Indies where they were sold for molasses and money.
  3. The molasses would be sent to New England to make rum and start the entire system of trade all over again.

Rhode Island and Massachusetts were two American colonies that were the greatest offenders,  as they produced the highest quality rum from the molasses and sugars that were imported from the West Indies. These distilleries made the triangular slave trade profitable. Later on, Virginia’s tobacco and hemp production helped supplement the  demon Rum business abetted by Carolina and Georgia cotton.


discovery of jamaica.png

Pluto is opposite Mars is right in the middle of a stellium of Sun and Mercury — a combative aspect in the eleventh.  Perhaps it hints at the enforced slave labour that made the coffee and sugar plantations so lucrative.